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  1. Aka spam trade chat for hours only to have this conversation:
  2. 2 things: 1- I hope the dg isn't 2 mins long. 2- I hope the "dynamic events" are separated between factions
  3. To add some realism, make the only shared markets between elf and mc in norlant swamps, nadir and ayvo (1st town) since they are the only regions that are neutral.
  4. The buyer would pay the fees, just like the current system or it will be deducted from the amount of gold they receive.
  5. however it's still pretty much useless, atleast for the priest skill, i made a thread for it and ways to improve it but sadly it didn't get much attention.
  6. the dg is finished when you leave the dg!
  7. while your at it add a feature for the leader to set permissions for guild actions, for example set if explorers are allowed to invite others, or allow certain people to withdraw certain amount of gold items from wh instead of all heirs or all explorers. add more features for guild managment. also it would be nice to see what guild a player is in by inspecting the said player, and also show what castle a guild own.
  8. Impressive, but you actually finished in 3 min 2 secs.
  9. I didn't really understand the question. Can you please explain. That is what I mean by saying this: " if I ask to buy an item, for example: 10 repairs for 500 gold per piece, then 5k gold will be removed from my bag in case someone sells their item " Ps: I wish I could have been more detailed to avoid all this confusion, but im using a phone so it's harder to organise and edit plus I cant upload pictures or at least don't know how.
  10. One of the suggestions in my thread is about afk players!
  11. The person who is searching in the buy section will not specify the gold or item name. They will just go to the category, look at the buy offers made by other players and directly sell their items. And yes the buy value will always be greater than the sell value, it's just for players convince.
  12. For example if i have 5 stamina seeker elixir that I want to sell. I'll go to market > sell > facilities > stamina seeker elixir, then it depends on how many want to buy and what price they offer, of course I'll choose the person who offers the most and directly sell and receive gold. Ps: if the person I sold to had an offer to buy 50 stamina seekers elixir and I sold him 10 then the amount he wants to buy will go down to 40. This means if I ask to buy an item, for example: 10 repairs for 500 gold per piece, then 5k gold will be removed from my bag in case someone sells their item (repair scrolls). I'm sorry if this sounds so confusing to explain but in action it really isn't, I've seen this in so many games before and it's really so convenient.
  13. Im sorry Akasha, but you don't seem to understand exactly what I mean, or perhaps I didn't explain it very well. What I suggest here is to add an option exactly like what we have now, but instead of offering items to sell, you offer items to buy. All items will be exactly in the same categories. If I want to buy for example: one craft head armor for 300k and someone have crafted head armor, then they can sell it directly and receive 300k. I appreciate the thoughts that you added. I can give more details on how this option should work if the dev team is interested in implementing this suggestion. Again, thank you for taking the time to review my suggestion.
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