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  1. Knox, what a joke. So you create a fake situation to test the loyalty of your friend. And it didn't work out the way you wanted it too, or she didn't say the thing you wanted her to say. So this brings me to ONE question. WHAT THE ♥♥♥♥ WOULD YOU HAVE SAID IF YOU WERE CRYSTALL!!!??
  2. Interesting idea, I like it. Would be very useful.
  3. My favorite and my desktop wallpaper, :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. I like your idea but sad to say, devs will give us npc's from towns, like the people you see attacking red names. But if they like your idea and they give us animals that would be really exciting. Although only druids can control animals. So ..... :unknw:
  5. I like this idea, I think it would give a nice dynamic to boss battles. I'm used to playing rpg games like final fantasy. So something like this is what I had expected in ws but never seen. Boss life drops below 25% and now he is using a healing spell or his attack changed from dark magic to a powerful melee attack. Boss casts doom on all players that attacked him (a number is above players head and is counting down, if players don't defeat the boss before time runs out they will die). Boss changes costume depending on the stage of his decreasing life. Example: Granite guard's life drops below 20% and he changes into an even bigger boss but now he is made of steel with a glow. All bosses should have different stages of growth based on anger and decreasing life. Boss is unaffected by all kinds of normal attacks but is only affected by critical hits. Many ideas out there to give bosses a more realistic char.
  6. I don't think I would like to see this in the game. We would be at war all day everyday competing for points. It would be like open world arena.
  7. In this topic I would like to invite everyone and all paladins to talk about what kind of skills guild skills and re-worked skills you would like the see in the coming updates. Devs have asked us to post our ideas here, so maybe they don't have any, or they do but maybe we may have better ideas than them. Have at it. -------------------------- *Suggesting New paladin skill: Skill Name: Swap. Type: Active. Usage Range: 5 yards. Energy Expense: 20-25 points. Cooldown: 30 sec Details: Swap the places of another player instantly. Example: (Paladin is in arena with a ranged class fighting 2 melee classes (rouge, barb, dk, bd). Pala gets stunned and both melee opponents jump range class (pala's partner). When pala is no longer stunned he can switch places with range class. I suggest this because pala has knowledge of priest's healing skills, so I figured that pala should also have some knowledge of mage's teleportation skills. this would make for a great tanking skill in arena or just hunting. ---------------------------- *Suggesting new paladins skill: Skill Name: headbutt. Type: Active. Usage Range: 2-3 yards. Energy Expense: 15-20 points. Cooldown: 20 Details: A skill that reduces accuracy by a certain %. I suggest this idea because I think it may improve the chances to kill a kiting class. It will minimize the staggering by dodging more attacks. ---------------------------- *Suggesting new paladin skill: Skill Name: Deflect Type: Active. Usage Range: Energy Expense: 20-25 points. Cooldown: 20 Details: Turns blocking into deflecting. This skill will be based on your block %, and when used, instead of blocking attacks, the attacks will be deflected back at opponent causing 20% damage. I suggest this idea because I think pala doesn't cause enough damage in 1x1 battles. --- Pls post your opinions and any ideas for a new paladin skill.
  8. For pala. A spell/skill that lets you trade places with another player would be cool. (rouges gouge pala and jump range class, when pala comes out of gouge he can switch places with range class). That would be sweet. Thats a true tank skill. I suggest this because pala has knowledge of priest's healing skills, so then pala should also have knowledge of mage's teleportation skills.
  9. True that, some range classes get real close to god mode. Im really looking forward to guild skills too. It will add a new element to the game, tactics, team strategies and much more. Exciting
  10. What do you mean by stop rouge with stealth mode? Foj cant prevent prevent/stop stealth but with a good understanding of stealth and how long its duration is, you can catch a rouge in the act of using stealth with good timing. Using foj for battles with rouge all comes down to 3 things. 1. Understanding stealth, and how it works and how it doesn't work. 2. Understanding how players might use stealth, ask yourself (if I was a rouge, how would I use stealth). 3. Knowing stealth's duration. And then you will develop a good timing for when to release foj.
  11. Gabraunth


    Perfect tank gear for pala. You will get full block capabilities and divine def bonus.
  12. Ok so lets make a small adjusment to our postings "bd is op in melee vs. melee pvp". And that is what is great about bd. But as you said bd sucks against ranged classes. What your looking at is the same for all classes, a strong point and a weak point. There are no god classes.
  13. Great idea, then my pala will have double aura and then it will be even more harder to see whats going on in battle. I love it. But really, good idea, I would like to see this in game. Maybe we can have different color auras based on our skill distribution, would be cool.
  14. I'm still upset with you for deleting frostblade :( :cray: . Yeah. next time remember there are people who look forward to getting there ass kicked by you. Back in the day I loved going pvp with you. Then I got my 1hand build and you vanished. Good to have you back. :good:
  15. But I think you need to go with someone op. Anyways Good luck :good:
  16. @ Bloody. I was thinking about what you have said. And I think that dk using 1hand/shield and 2hand is equally important in arena. For melee classes maybe 1hand is better, but for mage classes and kiters maybe 2hand would benifit dk more. I think this because you have threads, and if using threads w/2hand at a later time in the arena when it is down to you and a mage class you may have a better chance at killing them faster and easier. For every class I have to play differently. And im not saying that its ok for mage classes to have almost equal tanking def but maybe thats not an issue. Maybe we just need to change up our strategy. I have already accepted that my wonderful 1hand/shield rouge farming build (joking) isnt good for all situations. So I will be going 2hand sometimes.
  17. Nice novel, I read it 2x, and I agree with you 100%. Very good explanation. Lol, you have no idea what a pala can do to a druid. That's for sure. +3 druid you say? Come on man that makes no sense. :rofl: Most pala heal at 400 every 13 seconds, so if a mage class tries to kite/run from a paladin that is not too smart. If paladin wants to fight dirty then there is one thing all should know "do not run/kite a high healing paladin, and don't let a pala run/kite you". Back to topic.
  18. Almost every class can be adjusted to fairly battle against another class :shok: . It is a stupid thing to do but listen if you will. Go full res and use all dark magic def runes for warlock and necro, sun def runes for priest and mage, and moon for shaman and druid. I think devs knows that their are many avenues to take in tactics/strategies that will create a balance in one battle. There is no one gear set that can be extremely effective against all classes. Some of my builds are suitable for a kiter, some are more suitable for battling rouges, some are more suitable for rangers. you never know who you are gonna face in arena, and I know that res is the only set that is balanced and offers a good chance at winning against all classes, so i always roll with full arena gears. @Bloodylips I don't struggle with kiters. Full res and block and heal seems to be enough to kill a druid with lvl 18 set +8 all. No offense bro, in any way. I think maybe your build could be unbalanced for taking down mage classes. Are you using full res gear? If your not using full res gear and the kiters are then yeah, I can see why you see this as a problem. No matter what, based on my trials I would say the only thing that gets me is the staggering. Now for rouge. Rouge is the only class that doesn't need to rely on res gear that much because rouges have skills that allow then to not exist for awhile :search: (where'd he go) In the end, both opponents with or without res, it comes down to staggering. Yeah mage classes can reach def levels of a tank but we melee classes can reach levels of a magic def tank. I have seen seb get 30% dark magic def. Staggering should be fixed.
  19. Great idea. I'm sure it will be added soon too.
  20. I think this is the best idea for a more balanced arena/pvp. This Idea wont effect any stat changes and I don't see any classes becoming op from it. It seems like every time they change things/skill at least one class becomes a bit more op. Example: Cloth - 0% bonus Leather - 4% bonus Leather/chain mail - 6% bonus Chain mail - 10% bonus I think pala/dk/barb/bd would become super op against rouge with this change. 10% bonus will put my def up to 6,000 plus res and healing. My point is, every % change makes at least one class/class type op against another. Bloody, I think your idea has some potential, but instead of def %, why not just add a higher res % to shields?
  21. Sange is right, somtimes stacking on dodge and other % stats can at times have almost no effect in battles. We did some testing awhile back. He had a very high dodge %, but it wasn't having much effect until he kicked me in the back. It almost seems like the stats are sleeping sometimes. When I sign in I always take off all of my gear and put it back on. Seems to help, but it could be just me. But as far as bd and the parry %, I agree with Bloody 100%.
  22. Yeah poor dear Gaby, we dont wanna work him too hard, hes just a dumb noob paladin, suprised he can even record. :rofl: Good luck to all. And for winners in each match, mail me the name of your desired song for the videos. One song per player. Lord noob, keep me updated with details/date.
  23. Congrats WS team, one thing is for sure, this is the best multi-player game I have ever played. I even play it on the toilet, its like a digital drug, and if phones were water proof i'd play it in the shower too. Corny I know, but it's true :facepalm: Congrats guys. :good:
  24. :shok: :good: Now that's what I call a real leader. Such an inspiration.
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