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  1. Copy and paste from wikipedia, a shame you would use a real persons name. I'm sure the real Catalonia would be ashamed to know that and idiot phone tapping gamer like you would use his name for a no cause reason. You are even dumber than I thought,......... are you a down syndrome or something? :clapping: next time why don't you just name your char JESUS CHRIST you fukin retard lmao. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  2. Im bored at work in an office. Nothing more, I even think I want to delete my pala and start a rouge. would be pluss ten to the max for sure. Anyways It's interesting looking at how you guys pretend to be an active and real guild, but really couldnt do it alone. Merc left, everyone left, you guys are a open faction guild. and without the non abc members future would eaten you alive. so you owe thanks to all the non abc members. not the abc members. lol :drinks:
  3. ok Sulla good job, here is a teddy bear for you :snorlax: anyways, im happy for your fake comeback. next time try to win without inviting the entire faction to report gp. we dont care really, cause we are the real deal. always have been
  4. ofc not. im not catolononiniaNarnia. I'm no gonna make insults about your mom. Im sure shes a mom just like mine. I meant happy gay. :crazy: But the non-abc members did more gp in one day than you did in 3 days. So sad your own guild leader vomm would say that. must be true. ;)
  5. I feel sorry for you guys. If we would have done what you guys did we would have destroyed you. But we are a real guild and dont need helpfrom the outside. If you call that a win then sure you. won. But you guys are dead and fake. And gay
  6. a guild under the name of ABC (random members in forsaken and mc faction), worked very hard together to beat legends. But that abc guild is not a guild, just random player, who sadly dont even get to enjoy their victory. abc is dead. anyways, good job sulla. and I'm sorry you guys couldn't beat us with real abc members.
  7. You guys kicked your abc guild members and begged in world chat for help. You guys even asked some of our legends mc chars. You guys are weak, and needed the whole damn faction to alternate out chars for reporting quests to get your gp. I even read about it in your own forum. You guys didnt win as a guild. We're proud to be legends, at least we stuck together through the tour. Vomm you guild leader even says it here. This wasn't an abc guild win. Just a bunch of random GP earning members from mc and forsaken factions. All hiding behind a ABC guild that doesn't even exi
  8. Pala can heal (priest) Pala can stun an entire battle field (warlock) Pala can inflict dmg on 5 or more undead enemies (mage meteor skill, warlock pool skill). Pala can buff healing in pty Pala can use spear, higher crit and magic dmg, with higher chance to get a foj/pur combo dmg CRIT. I dont think pala needs a ranged skill. He seems fine. I would recommend using a spear though.
  9. ABC, you should have walked away winners, but no, you had to remind everyone that you are a problematic shit talking guild. Thats how you'll be remembered.
  10. Your a dark circle, thats it. And without your dark cicle youre nothing. Everyone knows you ran to warlock cause you have no skills at anything else. So your a coward and you know it, your entire guild knows it. No one even likes you lol, like uncurable cancer. You pollute everything, even this thread, even your own victories. Its sad but you guys abc actually lost more from tour than you gained. You keep this kind of company? And yeah, this thread is your victory to be a well recognised guild, but thats a long gone opinion. You guys win with losers, and then those losers shit on your tro
  11. Just dont understand how barb has problems. Your living in hassns shadow, cause he made barb work really well, without complaints at all. And he was/is good as hell with barb. But you are complaining about fix this and that. I think this is just you not working the skills correctly. Maybe ask hassn how he did so well, maybe he can give you some tips. And no im not mad bro. Barbarians are reckless savages, ofc charge fails bro, picture an angry roaring barb charging, well not everyone will freak out and stun up lol.
  12. yeah second was ours from the beginning, as you already know. We made some adjustments too, we stopped caring about the tour, bored of all the aoa abc afk ptys, stupid tour and pointless to keep going. So yeah we gave up, and let you pass on by. Still tried to make it hard for you though. Don't think you guys actually got the best of us lmao. Anyways, I wonder was killing ur own worth it? But, you got second in tour, and your still complaining about everything. Wtf is wrong with you.
  13. Well killing ABC and AoA's afk pty in 5x5 was really boring and it killed the moral of the whole tour, not to mention it was sad as hell. We earn real gp, and we don't invite the whole damn community in to report gp either, also sad. Yeah, we saw you on WORLD CHAT begging all and anyone to report GP. This isn't an ABC accomplishment, its an MC Forsaken faction win. But we are happy for your loss in being a real gp earning guild. We strongly hope that next time you have the balls to to compete and not follow in hassns foot steps. Lmfao, I dont even know why im posting this mess
  14. So many hot players aren't even in the list.
  15. This is a worthy topic i think> I have pvp with many players. Common problems with pvp and with different classes. - Rouge will use stealth and go hide in a crowd of people to regen. To me it's like disturbing. pvp should end if this happens. So don't disturb your ow battles. - Many players will signal and use a def, parry, accuracy lowering skill on the enemy. Any signal that changes the stats of the target isnt a signal, its an advantage and an attack. Only a self enhancing skill is a signal. And all classes have these skills. - Attacking isnt a signal, its an advantage. R
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