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  1. Who can beat him that charmer have over 70% win rate He will wipe you in 5 sec no matter what you do you have no chance against him look at him and look at your char i already seen that you accepted your faith to be losser to charmers no one have a chance. I was quited the game and first when i noticed after few dmd in arena how charmer is broken i just made one and already lvl 29 well all want to play the meta ( zoo meta )
  2. Putubali is bd with hight def and hight resil every one can inspect him But he still take a huge dmg from charmer dogs and crit dmg
  3. Dont throw these wrods in this topic Becose if somone throw a word back This topic will become a toxic topic Thank you so much for the effort you do
  4. maybe the rogue and charmer is dead and waiting for the resspown time While the charmer dogs still on the field doing dmg And thats will happen alot in crucible and gvg and War I didnt make any assumption in this topic all what i mentioned in this topic cames from ingame calculation like the ingame info that show the result after the arena finsh and dgs
  5. Well thats the end of discusstion. its seems the problem is my low def well yea my gear +8 and if amped them to +10 it will give me like 600 more def And that 600 more def will give me like 3.4_4% dmg reduction so instead of charmer dog hit me 1k when skill active it will start hit me 900+ And that 100 dmg different is what making the misslead to me of charmer being overpowerd And about the mage who have +10 staff that hit charmer dog less than 400 dmg who posted in this topic it maybe his problem too
  6. Is charmer dogs (5 dogs) hit 1k each on my mage Is my problem too becose i dont use my skill well?
  7. Yes i agree with you. Remove buff skills are useless realy Becose they are so slow and may remove another buff not the buff you want to remove
  8. Sadly magic ban do remove a random buff 1stack of buff at lvl 1 and 3 stack of buffs at lvl 4 Charmer have passive after each skill used he get 1 stack of buff when 4 or 5 stacks( im not sure how many) the next auto attack will do stun + increase dmg So the magic ban may remove that buff instead of the skill that buff dogs + there is many buffs charmer can optain like heal or if he use mermen gear ( as some charmers use in my server 2 pec of mm tank gear and the rest arena) he get 10 stack that each stack reduce some % of dmg Magic ban is so slow skill i would say it can be use in some 1v1 cases but for sure not vs charmer No way Charmer will have MAX summoned dogs at arena Charmer always can make enough time to summon MAX dogs Becose of the stuns he has
  9. So u mean the fight in arena happen after 30 sec from the start? First thing you said rogue can out dmg charmer in a matter of 10 sec I reply thats maybe true if there was no dogs in the field before we start the 10 sec test But if we start the 10 sec dmg test and there was MAX number of dogs summoned before the start of the dmg test i said charmer + the dogs will do more dmg than rogue
  10. If you mean in arena Well its possible becose it take time before the start and the fight will not happen instant after it started it will take enough time for charmer to have MAX dogs summoned Same what rangers used to do before trap explosin skill nerf they had enough time to put many traps in one spot before the fight begun
  11. Thats true And not only it hard to kill them they do a massive dmg and massive area dmg Not only in town in gvg too they block the camps after few charmers start spaming dogs it become imposible to leave the camps becose insta die + other class skills that give dogs huge support like warlock who cc the players and let the dogs kill them and shamans who heal them with them totems Thank you for your reply
  12. I know that charmer dogs can do area dmg + they can apply the effect of ( terrible relic of life weakness) if used on the skill call (i dont know if the dog have 20 % chance to apply the relic effect with each attack. or each dog have 1 chance to apply the effect. or the worst part if the dogs have 20% chance to apply the relic effect even when they doing area dmg) + some times they can crit on full resil players and them crit not reduced by resil if charmer dog hit 1k his crit will be 2.2k on 44.9% resil player but if player that hit 1k dose a crit on 44.9% resil player the dmg will be close to 1.1k_1.2k( i dont know how that happen) + charmer can summon more dogs way more + dogs do higher score of dmg and they hit faster Please if anyone can explain to us Thank you for your reply
  13. I will never say bd do more dmg than rogue or ranger ( you can say it if you want) About the hit yes bd normal attack make highest score About charmer i will say he do more dmg than bd and more dmg than ranger and more dmg than rogue in dg and arena Thank you for your reply
  14. When we start the game and comes to the part where we select class It shows that charmer have 3 bars on dmg while rouge have 4.5 bars on dmg so that mean rogue must be do higher dmg than charmer. But what happen now in warspear charmer do more dmg than rogues in arena and in dgs So there is somthing wrong
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