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  1. add , for win a hunter u just run a bit so they cant stun u , bcs of yards
  2. Agreed Shamans are weak in 1v1 fights bcs all players can perma stun easy , you should give a stun or silence to shaman , like in earthcake (silence like trap (ranger)
  3. Rangers can just use 1-2 dmg buffs + vamp and they are inmortal
  4. bd needs just a heal skill bcs they cant 1v5,
  5. inv a druid in 2v2 arena and u win , no need arguments
  6. Hello , im thinking that add a silence to earthcake or something that ennemy cant use skills ty,hassn
  7. That's true look shaman and druid i dont need arguments bcs gm know why i talk about druid . Its really annoying to see a druid , templar can stun half guild !!!! just bcs a templar a guild can win vs another and its very annoying at war stop be stupid and do anything
  8. Its so sad !! Delicious is good guild whit a great family !!! They make a great guild whit many good players !! Please devs help us !!
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