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Arena ferocity bow/xbow


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Is arena ferocity bow/xbow weapon from shop effective in arena or pvp siuations?

Seem most people suggest to use craft xbow than using hi ferocity arena shop bow/xbow.

In other situation now, hi ferocity bow seem have low dmg againt charmer pets. But pve bow /xbow have deal better to the pet 

Is this by design or what? 

im just thinkin my hi fero arena bow is useless now .

Seem pet effected by mermen gear skill (i only guess, idk how fact it is). I have tried with two charmer who use pure heavy arena gear and charmer with mixed mm set arena gear. Charmer pet with mixed mm set have better life. 1100  my raw power only deal 300 (with fero bow).

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Update to diff another cases
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