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  1. All barbarian skill suggestion -Knockback(passive) - chance stun for every attack to the target. chance of stun increase by level's skill -Shock stomp(Active) - with his rage, barbarian make powerfull stomp, deal damage to all enemy who around him and stun And the last -Rage (Active) - Make enemy in area fear to see barbarian's face, and they run like a chicken
  2. I just know the formula as this: Level 1 : restore 10% of max HP Level 2 : restore 15% of max HP Level 3 : restore 20% of max HP Level 4 : restore 25% of max HP But i agree, it should add the number heal
  3. but add vice leader rank is perfect one. Seem like another game. and it's should by limited number.
  4. yes .... i need this....vice leader but limited number by 2
  5. Larbys of SD +5 - +6 ----> 1 sign Hatchet of SD +5 - +6 ----> 0 sign and lost ( forgot click,,,,lol) 2nd hatchet of SD +5 - +6 -----> 3 sign Shield brave warrior +6 - +7 ------> 7 sign
  6. This is not suggestion...and they can't do anything. RIP syambian
  7. Its good skill. Yeah,,, low dmg, but cooldown only 3 second. Now, I feel have assult riffle
  8. U dont give any idea...u just make ur char to get ban...
  9. Hello developer "Merahputih"(EU-Emerland) guild's leader was inactive almost 3 month. We need new leader for this guild. Can you give it to divard? because divard help this guild to up level 2 and up level skill. I am not him. I just his friend. And I see developer change new leader guild who never online/inactive. please help this condition. Thanks for understanding.
  10. depend on player .... not barbar or d.k, If they are in wrong hand, they will bad to play. And not all class is worse....depend....depend on player who play.
  11. MR X

    ban this guy

    ...and we got more $$
  12. Sorry...but already said [spoiler=read this]we don't want lost our money
  13. MR X

    Goodbye warspear

    bye ,,, and dont back again
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