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  1. Ok so scamming is legal here and people that scam are free to go? wtf is wrong with u people
  2. like a personal bank between ur own characterd would be nice. like the guild bank but then for personal use
  3. Yea i agree also with this idea. I tried to transfer gold to mc side for the first time. Got scammed right away. Its really annoying. and really a shame that gms/devs dont even care about it. Just get us at least a gold and item transfer on our own account. so there will be no scamming anymore..
  4. Darksix

    MCoin popups

    Faith in humanity is lost already. No one can be trusted these days. ducking money whores.
  5. Good idea. U got my vote haha
  6. This guy Kokinoo STOLE/SCAMMED my 25.000 gold at elf side when tried to transfer gold to mc side. Is there any way to get my gold back? He scammed from my elf character : Tacon. If so, try to get my gold back and ip ban and ban all his accounts. And also a suggestion to make a transfer between our own characters. so people cant scam anymore. there is serious a lack of protection against scammers on this game.
  7. Hope they nerf blade dancer as soon as possible. but probaly not enough soon since gms are elf buttkissers
  8. Thanks. any good skill builds for warlock. I was thinkingg about 5 5 1 1 5 or 5 1 5 5 1. And what is a good character to start with? Barbarian. warlock or rogue. or doesnt matter?
  9. Ah ok i thought dk was one of the strongest. Glad i have my barbarian on lvl 13 already
  10. Im not sure if i want to make a warlock. It dies so easy. questing is hard. damage is the same as the other magic classes at the start. not sure on higher lvl. And doesnt have heal. Is warlock good at bosses or pvp only at a distance and keep running?
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