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  1. Has any one got any ideas regarding a mechanism for selling trading characters? Perhaps an external solution like a character market place. I take it that its only illegal because there is no way of doin it at the moment without guaranteeing a safe transaction/protection against scammers?
  2. Looking through the old screen shots of 700 crit hits and the joy of achieving that, even lvl 18's. How times have changed.
  3. Arena signs would lead to mass amplification of weapons putting high prices even higher. If there were an easier way to obtain good weapons, like crafting, the game would benefit. Also since all lvl 9 items have been taken away from trader it is very hard to play arena against players who have full lvl9 gear, so by making it easy to craft good lvl 9 weapons, most need catalysts, it gives people a chance.
  4. We've all seen the ridiculous prices of catalysts,especially ethereal, so i was wondering if they could be added to arena trader. They would be receiving so people can't spam the market with them and it would help people who can't afford to buy catalysts or aren't lucky enough to get a drop. The price would be dependant on the catalyst e.g ethereal 4000ap, energy 2000ap, amplified 500 ap and common for 100ap. My craft is lvl 6 at the moment for ranged weapons an the weapons that can be made with commin resources are pretty crap so this would help towards those better items. Let me know what
  5. I disassembled an sd glaive and got chippings and iron ore, i was expecting some sort of catalyst. Dont disassemble sd weapons. x
  6. Still no free chests? We used to get them for much more trivial milestones now nothing. Money grabbing comes to mind. And how much money is google giving you so that they get the majority of discounts, making people buy more mcoin resulting in more money for them?
  7. Before the update i was healing 245, then after first data cache i heal 232 but then after 2nd cache i heal 199. As a healer i have spent 2 to 3 times more gold than damage druid on buying astral items only for it to be thrown back in my face. People will say "stop moaning you have higher damage now" if I wanted more damage i would have chose different skills. All i can cling to is im glad i didn't fork out 200k+ on guilting thread vestments. If it stays like this there is really no point of playing healing druid.
  8. I enjoy playing arena but not as a damage dealer but as a healer or support role, mostly as a priest. I suggest that astral armor should be added to the arena trader. At the moment you have to buy runes of resistance to stand any chance of surviving in battle. I may be alone in playing this way so there might not be as much demand for items like this but if it were available then maybe more people would use this play style. I await opinions on this topic.
  9. i have same problem, I brought it up in support,twice, still no reply
  10. Huntrin

    Stuck on v3.9

    I've posted about the problems I'm having in snow boundaries before,concerning not being able to access dungeons and tavern due to needing an update. When I go to App Store to download 3.10.1 in the description it is still 3.9, by the way I'm using an iPhone. When I start game it says on the title screen that it is 3.9 but when I get into game it says v3.10 but I still can't get into dungeons/instances. What do I do?
  11. I'm playing on ios and have updated to 3.10 but when I go to do dungeon/instance it says i need to update. When I go to use stamina potion it doesn't work and when I go to snow boundary tavern it tells me to update. I have tried different characters and have deleted the game and reinstalled and still won't work.
  12. Common cus words are on no level to racist remarks, especially to such an icon. If you don't retaliate to people who are that abusive then you're just as bad.
  13. This moron should be banned and he/she was referring to the word black when saying I used the n word.
  14. I sent a ticket for lost log in details 4 months ago, still no reply. I've sent emails since, no reply. My most recent ticket sent was last Friday, 6 days ago and still no reply. Does sending tickets work?
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