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  1. really ? how did u know?i think its not true because there are more than thousand players in one server,and world chat will be full of it
  2. This recent holloween update you devs added a system that tell wether u killed someone or someone killed u in area chat and when u got a drop it tells in the world chat..so how about u add one in world chat that tells killing achievement.. for eample: Player Monzterr just got a triple kill,Snorlax[24]/Roland[24]/Peter[24]. you know..it adds confidence to us players
  3. is sam hain fair now? i mean not like last year i think only 10% of bd community experienced sam hain cause they dont want us to go inside because will will just die very easy.
  4. JpGamerr


    i use the search button but cant find the right answer,so ill ask,how much dmg does sap reduce per level? for example: level1->5% dmg level2->10% dmg level 3->15% dmg level4->20%dmg level5->25%dmg
  5. In the xmas island how much crimson corundum does it cost???
  6. sorry my phone was lagging I thought I clicked the tavern section,becoz the tavern section is just below the guild section, ihope you understand
  7. can anyone pls tell me how much crimson corundum does this costume cost???
  8. here is a vice versa one from portrait to landscape.
  9. i found a bug / glitch in mobile version. when u are playing in landscape view and you hold the "play" button and tilt your device to portrait view,it will look like the one in the picture.
  10. making pvp bd...any tips for equips / stats???
  11. Hi, in quest named"Ancient Armor" i managed to find the high quality armor but i can't find the high quality helm, can anyone pls tell me where i can find that high quality helm if possible post some screenshots thnx in advance.
  12. JpGamerr

    BD vs. Ranger

    What You think guys?
  13. ok so i have a level 21 bd and level 14 ranger....i decided to switch to my ranger and forget about my bd because my play style is usually damager and i saw that level 20 rangers have very op dmg...so guys do you think my descision is right to switch to my ranger???
  14. Who sell or can craft "Crushing Gladius" in elf server-Eu Emerald post offer here or pm me in game.. Monzterr,lvl21 bd
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