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Who do you have a crush on + best couples?


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I'm not even br, and zythus I've seen your pic you're just a skinny nerd so stay quiet  ;)


If you're below a massive fail and now a skinny nerd, I'll take that as a compliment.  ::)


You're very smart, you have brains you never used... You know what? If I ever need a brain transplant, you'll be the first person I'd call. I'd like my new brain to be unused.  ;)

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Ahahahaha gogogo internet realationship ahahaha

Legendary sentence from reu: inet realationship are for people who only have Sex with their own hand ahaha :lol: :lol:




i know whose players doinv this ahahaha joke

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cant believe this guy.... who is he? :facepalm:  in order to reach zythus you will have to go through me :aggressive:  and i wont hold back. plus we have friends who will also help :friends: :drinks:  soooooooooo gl :give_rose:



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