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  1. name was gibki and i have a screen sot if need be. Ss was too big to upload here.
  2. Found someone selling an account. Ban them please.
  3. kittyyyyyyyyy :blush: :friends:
  4. its a she ahahahah :blush: ;D shes my baby :[:*
  5. ahhhhahahahaahahahaha :yahoo: here is meh babe :blush: she was hiding under meh legs cause the storm :blush:
  6. :friends: :yahoo: gioooooooooooooooo :friends: :yahoo: kathiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii pew pew? :bad: :rofl:
  7. nahh jessica quit for several reasons im the original owner ;)
  8. go look at mine and jessica's original thread in the forums bro. many many many great ideas there
  9. what about some of my older ideas? ehh ehh ehh :good: :good: :blush:
  10. im not starting drama :unknw: ? :nea: nope dont think so. have a good day though
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