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Ministry Of Cats clan book (under construction)

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Hello welcome to MOC clan book.



  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Moderator
  • Forum updater
  • Event master
  • War anouncer
  • High council
  • Leader = #1
  • General
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Recriut
  • Novice
If  u want to join our clan:

  • Pm owner or admin
  • Get cat or kitty costiume


  • Assasins              Owner
  • Vytasxx                Owner, Forum updater
  • Gradexlt              Admin, event master
  • Magrote              Admin
  • Breakhero            Admin
  • Facer                    Captain
  • Legijonas            Angry Captain
  • Velniukste            Lieutenant
  • Ladyydeath          Lieutenant
  • Princeka              Lieutenant
  • Badboybr            Lieutenant
  • Godslike              Sergeant
  • Etna                    Sergeant
  • Monsta                Sergeant
  • Rapter                Sergeant
  • Ashita                  Sergeant
  • Olliu                    Corporal
  • Emulador            Corporal
  • Stampwoods      Corporal
  • Kutabex              Corporal
  • Salahartak          Corporal
  • Darkex                Corporal
  • Wondering          Corporal
  • Ronaldrxyz          Corporal
  • Elegant                Recruit
Daily events between clan members.Elfs, boss hunts.

We help each other  thats why we are so strong.


Its still not done we wait for more people to join us. Hawe good time at our clan book.



Remember to join. Thanks


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