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  1. Or Join AoA and make too much gps for free +10 :rofl: Well . AoAl xD
  2. Hello . i cant log my rouge i dont know why but att morning i logged to my rouge to kill elfs can some one help ? My passwod has been changed but i dont know who chnged it ..... My acc only can acces my bro and he not changed it ...
  3. Retired ? :blush: Score 8/8 and he off xD but before off he insult me xD
  4. Sucking D**k make her all +10 for try beat us :lol:
  5. Dont Forget ... My Opringy Victorys ;D
  6. well..... he prefer kill poors elfs in 2vs2 or afk buddys to play vs us and lose like always :drinks:
  7. Tocino lose 90%? Owned :lol:
  8. How yours wins Rate come xD yours 90% score win is from Hassn Afk partys and urs 10% lose come vs me tocino sprngylock My rouge :blush:
  9. prefer buy amp to play game all day all night with hassn like u or spellock or ktfyen for free amp :lol: hassn have 4 hand and 4 eyes :lol:
  10. thats show ... Hassn multi ? :lol: Or its you ? :tease:
  11. when 3 locks + 10 went arena without Cap / Invisbile Ink
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