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  1. Hi. Im 18lvl almost 19lvl barbar name trapalgar .I like ur guild and ur guild members is coll.I wana be ur guild member 8)
  2. Hi. ;) im tiverbon i am 13lvl necro im active. 8) I like how your guild is doing quests and make gp. I like all members of guild they are cool. Soo i want to join ABC guild i will wait for your answer . ;)
  3. hey so my dk wont be able to join u guys? :(
  4. vytasxx

    Hassn hacker

    can u believe this?
  5. Hey im Legijonas. I was at old ABC guild but whit other char (vytasxx). Could i join this new guild?
  6. Hi. I am greitute 7lvl warlock :) i thing ur guild is best.Can u invite me to your guild ? ;)
  7. Hi i hawe an offer please clan leader pm me
  8. we are getting stronger every day :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :friends: :friends: :shok: :shok: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. It would be good if u had a cat costume ;)
  10. Hello welcome to MOC clan book. Ranks Owner Admin Moderator Forum updater Event master War anouncer High council Leader = #1 General Captain Lieutenant Sergeant Corporal Recriut Novice If u want to join our clan: Pm owner or admin Get cat or kitty costiume Members: Assasins Owner Vytasxx Owner, Forum updater Gradexlt Admin, event master Magrote Admin Breakhero Admin Facer Captain Legijonas Angry Captain Velniukste Lieutenant Ladyydeath Lieutenant Princeka
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