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  1. Hi. Im 18lvl almost 19lvl barbar name trapalgar .I like ur guild and ur guild members is coll.I wana be ur guild member 8)
  2. Hi. ;) im tiverbon i am 13lvl necro im active. 8) I like how your guild is doing quests and make gp. I like all members of guild they are cool. Soo i want to join ABC guild i will wait for your answer . ;)
  3. hey so my dk wont be able to join u guys? :(
  4. vytasxx

    Hassn hacker

    can u believe this?
  5. Hey im Legijonas. I was at old ABC guild but whit other char (vytasxx). Could i join this new guild?
  6. Hi. I am greitute 7lvl warlock :) i thing ur guild is best.Can u invite me to your guild ? ;)
  7. Hi i hawe an offer please clan leader pm me
  8. we are getting stronger every day :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :friends: :friends: :shok: :shok: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. It would be good if u had a cat costume ;)
  10. Hello welcome to MOC clan book. Ranks Owner Admin Moderator Forum updater Event master War anouncer High council Leader = #1 General Captain Lieutenant Sergeant Corporal Recriut Novice If u want to join our clan: Pm owner or admin Get cat or kitty costiume Members: Assasins Owner Vytasxx Owner, Forum updater Gradexlt Admin, event master Magrote Admin Breakhero Admin Facer Captain Legijonas Angry Captain Velniukste Lieutenant Ladyydeath Lieutenant Princeka Lieutenant Badboybr Lieutenant Godslike Sergeant Etna Sergeant Monsta Sergeant Rapter Sergeant Ashita Sergeant Olliu Corporal Emulador Corporal Stampwoods Corporal Kutabex Corporal Salahartak Corporal Darkex Corporal Wondering Corporal Ronaldrxyz Corporal Elegant Recruit Daily events between clan members.Elfs, boss hunts.We help each other thats why we are so strong. Its still not done we wait for more people to join us. Hawe good time at our clan book. Remember to join. Thanks
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