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  1. could you announce about contests starts when we login game because not evrybody checking forum daily. Thank you.
  2. congratulations aigrind team. Btw, maybe we will have sms payment bonus this weekend? And where pets?
  3. Dear Aigrind team, could you make 50% bonus for sms payment for next weekend.Thank You.
  4. Pm me for fresh meat :spiteful:
  5. Dark circle Dark circle Dark circle Dark circle Dark circle :blush:
  6. I dreamed how i received demonologists suit with Demoniuks :rofl: Maybe becasue i killed it 5 times that day :pardon:
  7. English drama by russians in russian forum :rofl:
  8. rytuks


  9. rytuks

    Guild Points

    well then option available only after you can get daily quests
  10. Developers made mistake in miracle coins description, as example: you select to buy 210 mcoins and in description is writen "you get 140 mcoins + offer: 50% bonus free". But 210 was already full offer (140 mcoins + 70 free). Many people was tricked by mistake or maybe not, who knows...
  11. i think screen shot from game is not enough to ban players for selling/trading acc.
  12. i didnt received bonus 50% but i want buy more mcoins, if i buy more after support reply can you add bonus 50% even weakend will be ended?
  13. rytuks

    Guild Points

    I didnt read whole topic but what about if there would be option like you can turn on/off xp gathering from quests?
  14. Thanks guys for accepting me ^^
  15. Hello guys, maybe i could join yours guild or atleast help it lvl up with guild points till it have slot for me :blush:
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