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  1. sichy


    when titan shaman fights everyone else dies as collateral
  2. hqs anybody noticed that my kama has only been subtracted by top 3 smited players... cadu
  3. sichy


    same. they made a whole series didnt they?
  4. i find that they sense weakness and attack u after u have on and when u are on limited hp coem
  5. since when is asking for someone to be added to a most annoying player poll a reason to have your kama changed by them...
  6. on 90% of threads its like chinese wispers... the first page is on topic and by the 3rd page ur like this isnt about a new "impossible quest" this is about wheather lol is spamm... :wacko: :wacko: t
  7. dude u dont break ur equip when a player kills u so why didnt u walk upto al lv 20 and try to get them to kill u
  8. when we(mc) farm we try to leave one slot for questors d
  9. sichy


    they should make a 1v1 arena mode with spectators, no reward and you can choose oponent with no level or faction restrictions. :drinks:
  10. im also a noob and i rank 340 arena pointsm :wacko:
  11. sichy

    Delete Swamps.

    ^thats gotta be embarrising pvprange
  12. the games too small to be succesful on anythin but phone and kindle. it needs to have more lvs and areas n
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