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  1. Shaaaaamaaaaaan all the way. Missin albooboo but might start a new one :D lookout noobs im comin back 8) MC to the death of me hahaha
  2. So after a few months of not playing my password is changed.... I miss you guys
  3. Yesssss!!!!!!!!!! Warspear is going to be amazing all over againnnn! I am getting new phone next week and cant wait to join my friends! The Genie will return baby
  4. because ipads are expensive as shit and i dont want to pay for wireless internet but if i had the money for it i definitley would! :)
  5. i might be down and out but will i quit? Hell no the genies comin back when he buys a new cell phone gotta deal with my broken ass PC life is rough, you lucky if its easy im workin 9-5 to get high and rack cheeze we go too hard to let this decrease me ima stay on top, tonight im sippin my high life tomorrow im back on the clock i feel bad for Al Boo Boo, but he aint dead and wont rot, and when i log back on boy the genie gonna rock watch what happens when 2 swords apear outta no where and move toward the throats of 2 whores and drop them ♥♥♥♥♥es fast like retarded new borns damn, whats next? My shaman rolls through wit lik 10 of the best! a few Dominators, a few ABC's terminatin pointy ears and gankin beezies for those who dont know thts bay slang for broke hoes look im done spittin rhymes cause my rhymes are no joke now ya know when i get back shit i aint playin im comin back like when goku first went super saiyen
  6. i am thinki8ng of buying a new phone with my next paycheck. but just to make thinggs clear i am going to suck because of lag. man i will miss playing pc so much for this reason. Lol. Oh well time to go phoone pro i guess. and dont worry i will be checking on everyone in forum as well, and dont forget! FEARlvl10 baby!!!!! Hahaha
  7. guys my PC died so i cant play warspear until i either buy a new one or get a better phone. either way i hope to get this problem resolved very soon. miss you guys! cya later
  8. It actually wasn't a cave but a dark area in a river bed where the light beaming thru the trees! ;D We were at Sugarloaf national park in California about 20 minutes away from Santa Rosa, such a beautiful area for sure! I highly recommend this area for anyone who is visiting :good:
  9. finding my inner peace in nature last weekend :good:
  10. Um, Mecha bro I'm not tryna hate or anything but I think your post is upside down and shuffled. :crazy: lol
  11. Probably shouldn't trade signs to someone who worships the devil a.k.a illuminati lol
  12. yup I meen I help a lot of people but I'm still lazy as f u c k
  13. Bay Area faith! that's all I got. My dad and little brothers are lakers fans and live up north in Redding. I always tell em I'll go for the Cali team but I'd never rock Lakers gear, Gold and Blue baby. They would look at me like I'm retarded. Guess who looks retarded this year... not me :dirol: Yeah man you told me! Must be why we get along so well. haha FEARlvl10!!!!!! :diablo:
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