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    DeathKnith best tankers always tank Boss +mobs
  2. make paytment for all contrys bank transfers some off the players hard to use paypal and athers systems and sms to much mony . Plys make bank transfers
  3. wtf you done You tnust now distroi the game items to easy get what you done make lab and bg best hunt spots not ducking qwest for bg and lab item Thx for you admins you make me faworet game ito shithhol
  4. Eu-Emerald Acc Skautas rogue 17lvl Legijonas Dethkknith 19lvl Gydytojas shaman 18lvl I whant to ask when ubdate v3.1
  5. Am Sory for all clan members for leveing good luck all and bay bay ;(
  6. dear administrator pls find ather whais buy mirical conce i can send 10sms i 1monch ,piwi paiment is hard to use becose is rusian i ask you agen plys find ather whais to pay i am lithuainian i hope you find athear whays.
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