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  1. This is my emblem ::) Fire : imaging our spirit never down. Burning Sentinel souls :spiteful: Star : imaging loyalty to the other legioner :drinks: Wing : imaging freedom, like our motto "Fighting for Freedom". We kill for Freedom 8) Suriken : as we know Suriken is a ninja's weapon. We kill Sentinel like ninja (With tactic and strategic but keep calm) :crazy: Spear : that mean our strength to kill Sentinel :diablo:
  2. Maybe i know who is in the center of emblem :lol: 8) :dirol:
  3. New SCAMMER http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=81021.new#new
  4. Awgsemaun want sell him rogue (Jobanni ) to me for 20k. Then we deal i pay 12k first then 8k after i log him rogue. BUT he give me wrong id and password. I said to him to give back my money, he said "Pay me 8k then i give real password" :wacko: . Then he ignore me :diablo:
  5. I has done six shadows at lvl 15 :give_rose:
  6. Thats mean my poster good :blush: ehehehhehee :lol: :tease: :P
  7. My 2nd Poster :pleasantry: :yahoo:
  8. Ty all, i try to forget that :aggressive:
  9. add Chromaggus - Espiao - Cassier same ppl
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