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Maces two hands


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well, it would be with the arrival of Halloween we had the addition of the new maces of two hands, which has as primary damage the magical damage, these items have no value on the sides of legionaries, since the death knights do not benefit much magic damage, my proposal is to allow the use of two-hand maces for the charmers, causing the item to be valued, with this change the current maces would undergo a change, causing all magical damage as a primary attribute, if it were very strong could balance in other aspects like passive damage for example.


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You know they should bring in a pugilist class in a future update like 1 for elf and 1 for mc I can see the elf pugilist can wear light armor and be a dmg class too and for the Mc is a heavyweight type like a tank, you think?

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52 minutes ago, Asif said:

The class will be broken in pve if can use 2h magic mace. High heal high dmg dog. nope.




What about bladedancers using axes? 

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