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Do something about the random wars/change mechanics [Rant]


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fix aoe difference

=> dont start with the most broken one because its my class and we deserve it because we're so undervalued even after the new update (agro) and ability to use foj and banner without restriction in arena and pve 

give me a break, you're just being pathetic wow

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Funny... When mc was winning war, we had small numbers of mage and palas.. Now update fixed them, the number grew that inc the number and makes more mixer of participant roles for war. Gotta remember that mc switch side on war as well.. I used to have an mc yrs ago but the stubborn faction I'm stuck on many bosses(still is lol) so new faction was made and I made a pala and mage and got hell of help.. Good side good people teehee:D

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And who are you? :)


Someone who needs to learn that such aggressive behavior towards other players is not appreciated here. 


can someone pls control this julie from talking shit on every post



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These issues aren't new, I have brought them up before. The more AoE dmg skills on their side and the stairway issue but its simply ignored. We have to eat through a straw while they get a spoon. Another was; they have more advantages for quicker dungeon spam. Dont make me pull out the proof. Mountains clan passive is health yet I see bd having more health than barbs. Firstborn passive is dmg/magic = more dmg/heal. At least its not as bad as it was a few updates ago when they had op ranger blessing and pala heal buffs and chains.


See^ :)



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