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I don't understand the need for relics

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Gm Just go delete all of Noob relic
We dont need All of that relic
Just Fix Ranger Blessing
I play Already 5 Years
First u make us to change set
Release farocity and we need to amp that , come on

And all of chatacter info on game, u should change it , Coz its Fake !!


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1. The best reliqs are actually dropped, you cant buy them from mcoin store. if they wouldnt be sold i assume just the richest guikds like aoa would hog them, and that ends up worse.

2. Ok you cant be mad that they release a new weapon you have to amp. Or i just dont get what you are angry at.

3. Ranger has the most insane single target burst damage. By far.

4. It seems the only one leaving so far would be you, noone has complained about reliqs, actually they allready embraced them, as you can see

5. This topic will end that daria or even r0land closes it, because you were too unskilled to actually describe what was your problem.

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Molotow ..

Am i ask u?

Yes because if you actually wanted to address devs you would have sent a support ticket and not waste our times here on forum


Now repent, imbecile xD

(Jk ur not an imbecile. My point remains tho.)

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The implentation of ferocity is fine, it inflicts lower damage on mobs.

Because arena weapons belong into ARENA and pvp. It's better

than every player carelessly relying on ap equip and not caring

bout pve.


If players left because of an update, it's definitely not the recent

relic update. Anybody can drop them, and they are not too op.

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