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Craft Name on the items craft it

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At its said in the title it would be so much interesting to make a weapon/amulet/cloack/...ETC... and in the item view, have a part where you can see the person who craft it.


For example, i craft rings, and i would like to see my name on the ring when its finish, on materials not, but in the items, above the part it says "personal"/"equipping"/"none" it could say "Made by: ".


I dont know if its already post it, but is just a suggestion, how you guys see it?

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A new player comes in the game , searching a bow level x . Then suddenly in trade chat : sell [+7 longd***] , what would he say ? Is this a an action RPG xxx game .. good

Man that... is... AWESOME!!!


You've just made my day by making me laugh to death


If I was a newb I'd laugh to death too


Agreed., make us name our shit

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