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  1. At its said in the title it would be so much interesting to make a weapon/amulet/cloack/...ETC... and in the item view, have a part where you can see the person who craft it. For example, i craft rings, and i would like to see my name on the ring when its finish, on materials not, but in the items, above the part it says "personal"/"equipping"/"none" it could say "Made by: ". I dont know if its already post it, but is just a suggestion, how you guys see it?
  2. some achievements will be P2W so hard (for example the one about professions), I hope that those ones have the worst gift, if not... GG
  3. STORY From years ago warriors had fought the power coming through th portal of th shadows. Some time has past for a while, since a brave warrior, whose name had been forgotten from the mind of the people of Arinar. This warrior enter the portal, but never went out. Many people think that the warrior died at the nads of the shadows, but it just what people talk about... Now... we know the truth, this warrior never end in the room if the shadows... One day, we hear a scary roar coming through the portal... we just run away, but a voice avise us... "come here my mates and see the tru
  4. Syluxxx


    you better post this in support part
  5. that is protuguese not spanish, take a bit of culture before say nothing
  6. (Only for bosses -Sea/Lake/GarrShag/Granite -- Genie/Maraksha/Pirate/Dinalt- this is a too slowly way, but 90% efficent) Simple, if you re an elf, create a shaman and up it to lv18~20 (your decision), if you re a mc create a druid and the same level. You do not need to take so good gear, with craft baton or arena one (with a bit of amp, like +4-+5), and with cheap gear (craft or lv18 cheap-redset +3-+4). When you get that, go with your main character to the place (better at night as we can read), logout quickly and log with shaman/druid, and start "hunt" those bosses, when they re around 2
  7. Syluxxx


    better devs look for a solution. Again its a new phone, and only happen this with warspear
  8. Syluxxx


    done, edit in the first post
  9. Syluxxx


    It is not a clone *z* LOL if you dont have any idea, just dont post anything
  10. Syluxxx


    No, not that. Its like broken textures for almost everything, with that type of green from pixels
  11. Syluxxx


    Hi guys, I have bougth a new phone, but have problems with compatibility (i think) from warspear, only with your games i really dont know why is happening this because its an android phone. Continue with the problem, when I enter the game all the game is like if the pixels were drunk. Any solution for it? If I have to contact Tehc. Supp. I wont have any problems. [information of phone: QILIVE Q4688 with Android 4.4.2] Hope it exist a fix. The screenshoot:
  12. Syluxxx

    ned 4.2 vetsion

    You will find sure in non official and, by the way, not secure, sites, but at the end when you first enter that old version, the game will make a message saying "There is a new version of the game Want to instal it now? [Yes] [No]" So, I recomend you to review the tablet by your own, sending to an especialist or sending a ticket to the support that is in the official warspear webpage. If you have bad luck and in the last term, I will say, you need a new device. Good luck withthe tablet
  13. Less damage?... hum you havent seen a rogue hitting 2000 in a critic with principal skill and rush not? And think again, in all MMORPG games all rogues have his movement speed reduce by a % when they are on stealh. I think ypu should visit other games
  14. Syluxxx


    (To start, I have no idea if this topic is already post, but I came with it again) Well, i think the title say almost everything. Some players, I think a huge amount just like the PvE system (farm, quests, dungeons, etc...), and so, other players like PvP game stile, and PvE players and PvP players can life together, but the problem begin with those players who take PvP and elevated to the infinitive, and transform it into PK (for those who do not know the word, his meaning is Player Killer), so is just a person who just like kill people "because yes", and for all type of Pv play
  15. When i was sending a ticket, that apperas, what is that code? or, how do i get it?
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