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Titles: FairyLord; DarkLord; The Healer
RespawnTime: 15min
Type: Nature+Darkness
Size: Same as Snorlar Boss

Lvl: 26-32  :unknw:  

PDmg: 100/2sec (Never Used)  :lol: 
MDmg: 600/4sec
Def: 6% phy/mg 
Hp: 500k
Mp: 500
Range: 5Yards


First Skill:

HealingBreath(passive): Recovers 20k HP/60sec


Something like druid song skill but more restricted area and more darkish green color

Second Skill:

RedCrystal(Passive): Immune to attracting skills and skills that should lower the boss dmg like the one necro has ; Randomly Change Target inside the range each 5min, no matter who does higher dmg. Last hit done on the old target does double dmg and the new target recive only half dmg for 1st 2hits.


Doing just half damage for first 2 turn gives the healers time to change healed target and once this skill is used, the healer dont have to worry about changing healed target caused by higer dmg for next 5min.

Third Skill:

CanYouFly?: Using his oneside wing, Dratoz try to fly and stay on air recovering hp 1k/sec. Everyone under him on range of 2yards from ground get infected by PoisonPowder falling from the wing and suffers 50dmg/sec until he is on air. When he land he does 500 self dmg and 250phydmg to everyone around him by 2yards

(Active; 150MP; Duration on air: 5sec; Cooldown:50sec; Cant use if boss hp is below 50%)


animation of boss using one wing to fly, it last only 5sec so can be limited by a jump on air + wing waved once + stay on air for few sec + fell loosing balance ; while boss is on air some dark dust fells around 2yards area on ground from boss's wings

Fourth Skill:

Reinforcement: Summons 5 fairies who does dmg on who did highest dmg to the Boss

(Active; 100MP; CooldownTime: 5min)


If 3 dmgers attack 3diffrent fairies, they all attack the one who do highest dmg to them, but players can use attraction skill to attract the targeted fairy/fairies to them.

Name: Darkies

Hp: 3k;

Dmg: 50/4sec

Skill(passive): Who kills the Fairy loose 30MP

Animation: Similar but not too much (looks weaker) to the Evilness

DropFromFairies(Optional): total: (95%)

CommonEssence: 20%

GoldenBar: 35%

SilverBar: 40%


Only who kills the fairy sacrificing 50MP and risking the death has got chance to get their drop.

Fifth Skill:

PainBlow: A Magic Blow that does 500magicdmg to all players and their minions inside the range of 4yards + 50dmg/2sec for 20sec + affected players lower their dmg by 25%

(Active; 150MP; Used once (total 3times) when Boss Hp below 25% ,50%, 75%)


DarkGreen smoke wind coming from the boss hits all area within 4yards

Sixth Skill:

LightOfDarkness: No Healing skills has effect for 16sec

(active; 450MP; CooldownTime: 4min; this skill cant be used if boss HP is below 65k)


Like the skill of Priest that attack all targets, i think its tear drop.. but with ash and dark combo colour


Before the Effect ends Boss can do total 2.4k dmg on u, but Priests/necro or minions can still shield you + if u r a bd u can use ur own shield & this skill need alot of hp, so other hard skills wont be used soon before or after this skill is used

Seventh Skill:

TheFinalHope: Sacrifice some MP and double Dmg & Def for 12sec (3x hits). This Skill is used once when his hp goes below 50k

(Active: OneTimeUse; 150MP)


The Boss double his dmg from 600 to 1.2k just for 3hits, means 3.6k dmg max in 12sec, druids/shaman can heal 3-4times & necro/priest can shield+heal 1time before this skill end, means u just need 20-30sec max from the skill's end to reach back full hp

Last Skill (Optional):  ^_^

SurpriceVisit: When Dratoz goes below 10k Hp, there is a 10% Chance of Ciala to be Summoned (Passive; OneTimeUse)



Range: 6yards
Def: 5% magic/phy
Dmg:300/4sec magic


PoisonPowder: All players in range suffers of 50hp/sec for 20sec

(Active; CoolDownTime:25sec; Range: 4Yards; 60MP)

Drops: total (70%=7%fromDratoz)

Costume: Ciala's Dress (30%)

EtherealEssence: 1x (40%)

Ciala's Extra Status:

Accury: 25%
Crit: 0% until Dratoz is not dead, but 15% if Dratoz has been killed
Pene: 30%
MP.regen: 60/min

If Ciala's Drop is 100% then its similar to 10% drop chance from Dratoz cz there is only 10% chance of summoning Ciala, so the chance for players to get Ciala's Dress is just 3%


1: Cila's appearince wont have any effect boss drops, means u have chance to get Ciala's Dress + Another Costume if u r really lucky 2: To kill remaining 10k hp of boss u need just 10 sec, and max 20 sec, in the case it is 20sec the times boss+Ciala hits u is 5 with a total of 850dmg/hit , your healer like priest and necro can shield you to block first hit(can be used twice in 20sec), heal to recover hp lost by another hit (can be used 3times in 20sec,1st one on start, 2nd one after 8sec, 3rd one after 16sec), and Druid can heal ur 300hp/sec so no worries

Boss Extra Status:

Accury: 50%
Dodge: 3%
Crit: 0%
Pene: 50%
MP.regen: 50/20sec


Who can kill 1m Hp in 15-20min can kill 500k hp with 20k regen/min in 11-16min (1m÷20min×min=50k Dmg/min is done by who kill in 20mins.. now 50k- 20k= 30k/min is the hp Dratoz loose each minute). You can simply do total Hp of boss ÷ Hp he loose really to find how long u need (500k÷30k around 16mins time) but still its dosent mean the boss is easy or tht u need less time to kill him, his Skills make should make u take more time to defeat him.


hunting solo is not suggested, a formation of 2Heals minimum + atleast 1 ranged dmger + random would make it perfect

Boss Drops: total (75%)

EnergyPots: 2x(10%)

HealthPots: 2x(10%)

Dark Lord Dratoz : 1x (5%)

Fairy Lord Dratoz : 1x (5%)

RedCrystal : 1x (5%)

Eskill: Random (10%)

DmgSphere3: 1x(10%)

DmgSphere2: 2x(15%)

Minions: (mobs around Boss)

Name: Evilness
RespawnTime: 10min
Type: Fairy

{Animation: Similar to Ciala but not too much}

Range: 6yards
Amount: 6x
Hp: 50k
Energy: 60
Def: 3%
Mdef: 5%

PassiveSkill: These Fairies wont attack until someone attack them (They are amazed seeing the outer world for the first time and too distracted searching for something)

SpecialSkill: When Fairy Dies, Everyone who hit her and are still in area will be cursed to loose 100hp/sec for 5sec

Drops: 4 (60%)

EnergyEssence :1 (10%)

EtherealEssence :1 (10%)

DefSphere 2 : 2x(20%)

DefSphere 3 : 1x(20%)

Costume + Amulet Info:


Unique Amulet Worn by the FairyLord made from

Powerful Darkness + Healing Magic.


Once Dratoz is defeated, the amulet loose all of it's magical powers and transforms itself into pots or random eskills or it just vanish. But sometimes few amount of magical powers remamins & the amount of the magic remaining determins the lvl of the amulet: A good part of the remamining power contrast the magic damages hostile to the player (mdef); a small amount of remamining Nature Magic increase the health of the player (HP), and starts healing the health of the player by a certain amount (HPRegen); the dark magic present in the amulet influence by a bit the mentality of the player and makes the player feel more aggresive (dmg%) :aggressive: . While the lvl effects the other 3 status, the phy % isnt effected because it is a mentally max reached.

Status: Equipping

Names: Dim RedCrystal, Scant RedCrystal, Dianty RedCrystal

Lvl: 22, 26, 30

Mdef(depends on lvl) + PhyDmg: 6% + Hp(depends on lvl) + HpRegen(depends on lvl)


Dark Lord Dratoz:  :diablo:

Dark Lord Dratoz.jpg

Inspired from the Story of Dratoz fighting the Guardian The Costume is Dropped by Dratoz to the mighty one who defeated him.


I would suggest DarkGreen color on the suit (not too much dark), a bit more lighter green on the center of belt, starting area from the body of had black+Darkgreen on the end, Dark or light Green on arms equipped item, Red color amulet, on the other parts of belt, Black color, part of pants shown down black; Behind: on dark area, black ir Silver color, other areas continue with Dark Green

Fairy Lord Dratoz: 

Fairy Lord Dratoz.jpg

Inspired by the Healing skills of TheFairyLord. The Vest is the symbol of the mighiness of Dratoz


Red: Amulet Crystal, The lines of crystals behind, symbols on bottom of cape DarkLightGreen: Background of the crysyal on cape, inside the triangle similar shape as background, bottom and top of gloves area LightGreen: Middle part of belt, part of pant shown on bottom, Starting area of hand, the road like area inside the triangle similar shape that divided dark green background in 4pieces, the rope like thing coming from one of the triangls on cape (this thing can be even dark green, depends on which suits better) Grey: Shoes, belt, background of cape Black: top of shoes, end of the first part of hand near light green

Ciala's Dress:  :give_rose: 

Ciala's Dress.jpg

Is the wearing dropped by the rarely summoned Ciala


The bottom of the costume is nearly similar to the one of wild girl but not same color It would be cool if who wears the costume get also the fail like Ciala but its optional The belt of ciala is just shown only on front side with a quarter moon shape on center


the drop % is always the same, each time u kill (for example if the costume drop rate is 5%, even after killing 20times its 5%... someone calculate it like 5×20, it is not wrong if u also do 5×20 per 100x20 = 100 per 2000 not 100 per cent (cent=100) = 100÷2000=5÷100=5%)


The story of Dratoz: 

Dratoz was a caster who was born Long before the war between factions started, and he was addicted to the Art of Healing from when he was a boy.

When the Great War started, he had to see many deaths and pain and he was not in any factions because he hated the War. Therefor he thought of finding a potion that could heal the minds of the people and to bring the Peace in the world they lived in! He passed years looking for this until he was too old to continue, but he didnt want to leave the world before bringing back the peace. As a last hope, he used a spell that he found in an antient book that could open a portal to another random world.

There he met a fairy named Ciala, from whome he came to know where he was... he was in a lost part of the antient fairy world! a part filled with power of Darkess and nothing else... Noone were able to go there from many milleniums, and neither those fairies were not able to go to the other worlds. Ciala was amazed by seeing an outsider, and when she came to know that he is a caster who needs help she accepted to help him, but he had to help the fairies get out from their small world first, and for that he had to defeat Ezion: The Guardian of 100 portals.

Dratoz was an old man at that time, so he asked Ciala how could he ever do that! Her answer was The RedCrystal which would have gave him the Ethernal Youth and Powers that could contrast with Ezion, and he would have become the Lord of the Fairies once he defeated the Guardian, but it was necessary mixing the Power of Darkness with the Power of Nature to summon this Amuet. She wisly hid the consequences of creating this secret amulet and its story from him.

The secret of amulet was lost some where in the past in the world of Arinar, so for him it was something new and intresting that he never heard about to learn!

They summoned this Powerful Amulet using her Dark Powers + His powerful Healing Magic.

Once worn the amulet, he was muted: 2horns and 2wings grew on his body, but it was not the only consequnces of the amulet, its dark power had transformed him to evil, young and massivly strong... his Health Points became: HP: 50m Damage: 50k and the amulet boosted his healing effect to 500k Hp/sec an Evil Creature of Distruction! (DarkMagic+NatureMagic)

It was time for him to defeat the Guardian and use his terrible powers to conquist all worlds with or without the fairies, he didnt really cared about them.

Dratoz rushed with all his rage to defeat Ezion, and the clash was started.. But Guardian was Immortal and he could have fought until his full energy got used (he has high energy regeneration/second). Their battle lasted more than any other battles known in the world of Arinar. During this battle Ezion noticed that many of the fairies were able to escape through the Portal when he was focused in the fight. He had to end the battle there then because if not, it could have lasted forever. He used all his energy on his magical sword and went to a Deep Sleep (Recovering Energy). The Magical Sword divided the Power of Dratoz in 100parts and sealed each part in each world guarded by Ezion with "The Seal of Ezion", After that the sword has switched off itself waiting for Ezion to wake and reactivate it.

In that long and furious battle Dratoz lost his half side wing. He got back ONE part of his power from the same lost fairy world itself, and he is now here in World of Arinar to find the 2nd part of his power and finally after collecting back all parts, to conquist and distroy everything but fist reason was that he needs all his powers to Seal Ezion before he wakes up. If he finds the second part of his power, noone in the world of Arinar will be able to defeat him and therefor, all the factions has offered a Massive Richness and Power to who will be able to defeat him before its too late.. ofc this act is not just to save their world, but each factions got their own extra profit!

The main aim were : Someone aims his Knowledge In Healing Spells, while someone else wants His Dark Powers, someone the Secret Of Portals and lost Spells, and for someone it is to dominate the the other worlds... but one problem at once, first we need to defeat this threat for the World Of Arinar, we have no time to wait for Ezion to Wake up!


The Evidensed lines and Under lined are something that i connected to Boss already and some can be connected to the game in future updates



The Boss will be placed in an island called "Isle of Keralath" that can be reached using a ship/boat from Nadir


There is a cave (need to look like an antient holy cave) in the island & inside the cave there will be 5skelton guardians, you dont have to kill them to pass, but if u go near them they will attack you (In future update if there will be an achievement like the undead hunter/killer, these skeltons can be one of those undead to kill to earn the achievement)

Once inside the cave, you can simply walk to an old door, you need to click on the door to get teleported to other side of the door, like the 'same area teleport' to the island of genie. Once inside the door you can simply walk to the next area and do the same thing with the second door.


Only lvl 20+ can get pass through this Door

In this area, there will be a deep water source on right side (look map); in the center of the room there is a tiled area having a strange block of rock on center which seems like could hold something (like a key), and there is a Sealed Door (entrance to the Mysterious Room).

This area and the Mysterious Room are made for a future version of the game, where we need to defeat a monster coming from the water source to get a key that open the sealed room once placed on the block of rock

The next 2 areas are where Dratoz and Evilness are, these 2 areas are pvp enabled zone, Dratoz is near the Portal walking around while the Evilness are searching around for something

Info: E = Evilness; D = Dratoz; B= Where you reach using the Boat
(You dont need only 1g to goto the Island with the Ship)

Skelton Guards (Optional)

Hp: 7K
Dmg: 100-150


Def Sphere III / CommonEssence / Quest Items

Legend of Keralath: This is a short suggetion for the story of this island that can be used in future updates...

Long ago, even before Dratoz was born there was a kingdom called Keralath which was ruled by the great king Ezikatron. The Kingdom owned a massive amount of Magical powers and they Guarded one Portal inside their holy temple, but they kept all of these as a secret because there were 1000 worlds connected eachother by this type of Portals and there were only one Portal of this type in each world. Anyone could have used these porals to travel to any worlds they wished to.

One day an Evil Power appeared in one of these worlds and started conquesting all of them one by one. Each time it conquests a world, it gained more and more power and he distroyed each world after conquesting it. Some survivors of these worlds were able to reach and warn other 100 worlds that decided to gather their power together to fight the Evil. Other 900 worlds were distroyed and it was coming to take over the world of arinar which was the 100th world, the Kings and Great Wizards from all over the 100 worlds gathered together in Keralath to fight it.

The War lasted very long, the generation of Ezikatron including him died during this war, after that their power were handed down to the next generation that continued fighting the Evil, the new king of Keralath was Sharpin who fighted with honor taking the place of his father, and after that generation only few were left to fight because the war had effect on the birth rate too.

After the generation of Sharpin, there were only 10people left to fight the Evil, and Ezion the son of Sharpin was one of them. They fighted all together and started dying one by one, but by then the Evil was weakened fighting for more than 300years against a large amount of magic powers also if he gained powers from 900 worlds. Only 5 of them were left when finally the Evil was defeated, and these 5 gained the Immortality and all the powers that were handed down from all the warriors and kings fallen during this war.

The Creators were Satisfied on them and decided to reveal them other worlds and to give them the power to travel around all the worlds they created, the other 4 Kings decided to explore more new worlds outside the 100worlds they knew about, Ezion decided to stay and protect the 100 worlds remaining connected to the Portals and to guard the 100 portals from any kind of new Evil that could be born in future. When the evil was defeated, a part of its power travelled to a fairy world and made it filled of darkness.

Ezion went to this world and sealed this power in an amulet (the Evil power sealed in it would have transformed anyone who would have weared it if not Ezion) , but this power was too strong to be sealed so Ezion had to seal a great part of his power with it to controll it from being freed and in time his sealed power would have eliminated forever that evil power sealed with it.

Using his power Ezion made the Island disappear with the temple and during the war the kingdom of Keralath was Distroyed, and the secrets it guarded were lost to the World of Arinar. At place of Keralath only Lava, burned places and a part of the ocean was left.

After that?

After long time Dratoz summoned the amulet to defeat Ezion (the power of ezion cant be used by Dratoz, the power he used to defeat Ezion is the power of the Evil gathered with his), and when Dratoz used the portal, the Island appeared again after long time Once Dratoz will be defeated, the power of Ezion sealed in the Amulet will be freed and return to Ezion and the remaining part of the power of the old Evil will be freed with it but noone knows that :bomb:


Thank you for dropping by my post, but before giving any types of comments, please read the following points:


• The names of anyone in this story are not copied, they just came from my mind like the story itself.. so if the names are already used somewhere it dosent mean that i have copied.
• I am not a Good Drawer, the drawings i made are just for giving them an idea of the targets which will be modified and inserted in the game total more realistic and better
•Some Skills and Drops are Optional, means if they unbalance the game in any way, can be modified or removed
•The crafting amulet has low % dmg than Red Crystal, i made RedCrystal 6%dmg because it is not available like crafting, specially to mcoin users who can easily craft it with mcoins(easily doesnt mean its wortless, ofc i do respect that u spend alot of money for that). Like the Ice Queen Amulet this should be rare too, but higher lvl... anyways im sure gm will do the right choise if he accept it or not.
•Status, skills and etc are all Calculated to make hunting more intresting without unbalancing the game, not to make it more difficult or to support hunters in any unbalancing way
• {Animations} are just suggetions for how it could be shown in the game

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WOW. Such a big entry! Maybe you should put some of them ideas into spoilers with the titles above it.

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Sounds great! Really like that idea with boss flying up and dealing different types of dmg - depending on his hp. Like some real beasts...


I feel like someone might have see Jaalax, Taker of Worlds & copied some ideas :blush:

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bro give it a try its not that hard :good:

Lol i tried it, it is cool but i am not enough good yet to make my boss with it.. i can make only simple items like fruits and things xD ty for telling me anyways, if not i wouldnt have learnt to make apple xP
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Noooo i was editing for 2-3hrs the post to balance my boss and add something new when it auto loggout and when i submit i lost everything i change : now i have to find other time to waste :(

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omg!.. my dream Content..



plzz plz plz give the FairyLord Costume.. and caila 


great effort...

really love urs..

everything is Fantastic..

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Post Updated



Amulet Legend

Names for Amulet

A new part of story in Location

A Name to the Location



Skills Settings

Boss Attack

Boss Extra Status

Post Style

Skelton Guard Drop/ future

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the drawings are not to amazing and the skills seem like a pain in the ass but the rest i LOVE beautiful idea to use the boat in nadir as well as some things all players can get into

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the drawings are not to amazing and the skills seem like a pain in the ass but the rest i LOVE beautiful idea to use the boat in nadir as well as some things all players can get into

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Finally found a program to color my photo from phone! But its first time using apps to color so im not good at it too... 


i have made one color


and then enchanted it using other app



but idk which of these are better, so please help me to select & if both are bad, and drawing better then tell me that too

replay fast pls :D

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