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  1. It is not illigal cz Roland said we can cut and paste parts from anywhere together to make our own boss
  2. He could even get assistance from insets or birds like druid skill that do small dmg/sec and slow down the players Or roar power of Barbarian saw that he is big and BADASS He could even throw Rocks like in the film Lord of the Rings that Throw player backwards+Dmg+Stun.. But unfortunatly the contest posting time is already over
  3. Thats why i asked him without reading, but he seems a rude guy ^^Man i just wanted to help, if u didnt add u could add no? And understanding that a massive amount of letters together r not easy to read for all, u could make the formatting easy way to read i didnt want to be rude
  4. Did u add the skills and location + Boss info like Hp dmg and status in this long writing too? I ask cz im too bored to read
  5. Finally found a program to color my photo from phone! But its first time using apps to color so im not good at it too... i have made one color and then enchanted it using other app but idk which of these are better, so please help me to select & if both are bad, and drawing better then tell me that too replay fast pls
  6. Yea, unless ronald decide to postpone it
  7. Then upload correct one, lol If u dnt have a correct one yet u should make one yourself before contest ends xD
  8. Hmm... maybe it will be a good idea having an other type of dragon costume in game, we have onoy avenger now right?
  9. I found an app to color my boss with phone ill try to finnish fast.. but its coming bad so maybe i wont post
  10. No, if u change ur boss info then pls add Attack speed, HP, Mana and other status together and easy for others to read so we can give more helpful comments.. but tomorrow contest end xd
  11. I was just fixing his boss and story i have no negative comments to do *Vanishes too*
  12. There is a limit for healers heal/each heal so decreasing the hp to make super attack wont be soo helpful, to kill a boss with 100k HP a party need 2-4mins max but they need to survive till then, and if it is not hard to survive then its like job only for healers and also the time counts no? The drops of the boss get value by its drop % and hardness of boss and amount present in game If boss hardness valid only for Healers and time to kill boss is low, people hunt alot and drops could loose value.. Maybe it will become like a normal boss, not like avenger & people could even stop hunting it cz of drops ith low value
  13. A post without a boss draw isnt valid i think, why dont u try to post the draw? And can u set the Status,Power,Location and all info arranged instead of writing all together like with his hp? So it will be more easy for everyone to read
  14. I didnt say boss is same, i said only the skin, only eyes visible and all other red :* like that immageThe form look like chr of aqw, i dmt say its illigal too, i said i like both
  15. Where will it be placed? The boss look like added narutoz skin when a wolf in some episodes to aqw player char i like both naruto n aqw
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