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  1. Waiting for the last week of the event, if there is double drop, I save my stamina
  2. Good idea of ​​yours put a pedophile image here . I see that you love being in the deep web , phedophile
  3. Exactly, that is something that many do not understand ... especially Snowman and others who commented here
  4. We are tired of so many insults, racism and hate messages in the world chat. Everyone reads it and the solution is not to give ignore. The solution is another , applying the standards of Warspear with a possible temporary ban or put mute for a while in the World chat this character . For over a year this character insults and insults every day and nobody does anything , uncomfortable, annoying to others who seek normal conversations Name: (Chrisdeath, Deathxkyra, Ryuksama) EU-EMERALD Please tell me where sending this post, support or here in the forum?
  5. Hey r0land Help. Why Warspear now consumes more resources on the processor ? Before the update could both play and watch youtube. now my temperature reaches 85 degrees trying both.
  6. Pathetic your comment, you had to be a communist.
  7. Good afternoon friends, I have a question and would like to know. I am the leader of my guild, I can stop being if I do not connect in days or weeks? how much time must pass to lose the leader?..
  8. I was learning to use a design program for days to create my boss , but I was not selected. But no problem , at least I learned something new .. Good luck to all , I like Vera , it's a nice boss
  9. r0land, Why my boss is not in facebook?
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