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  1. I agree I would play more if we could use controllers like moga
  2. Staff members can fix anything they just play stupid cause money is nice right?
  3. Buying gold with mcoins is stupid on the other hand changing the currencies price and setting a stable base for the economy instead of iffy player base economy just maybe we wouldnt have so many problem
  4. GRAAv

    My goodbyes.

    yeah somethings wrong with the systems economy nowa days everyone thinks its fine but its shit
  5. GRAAv

    is this legal?

    Well simply because I'm not a retard, Lmao nice downer though I'm sure you're the first one to use that ahaha. I honestly don't see how people have fun.
  6. GRAAv

    is this legal?

    yeah ok what the devs pay u to say positive things?
  7. I only played warspear for nostalgic purposes cuz it brought me back to old school gaming untill this micro transaction ish ducked me out of my child hood
  8. Then you can literally drop your dick on someone and crush them
  9. GRAAv

    is this legal?

    I wouldn't doubt it you gotta try hard as you can when you have a shitty p2w game you MAKE players pay for
  10. Too bad for the russians i can psychologically recognize my problem and solve it as I said if changes are made then il b back
  11. My nuts itch with the fury of a thousand suns now.
  12. GRAAv

    X's farewell

    this game is bogus congradz for breaking the chain bruh
  13. He's a cappy man don't try to extinguish his spirit lmfao
  14. This topic just got so much more interesting this little glitch that the developers ignore is how they make their money it puts a gap in pvp & im guessing other things also like the skills so if their was a population imbalance or a over power faction cough elf cough it would totally play into the pyramid scheme to make money by oppressing players also said players cough elf cough would win the war alot easier by using mass player spam on one map lagging it out right?
  15. You got me on that one no comment lolololol
  16. Been offline for a week now just trolln the forums
  17. thats what i mean but they should raise mcoin prices. gold would raise up
  18. Game needs changes but a ignorant community isn't gonna help the game makes people addicts cause of the micro payment system. if they made it so mcoins didnt flash in ur face all the time maybe it would be worth it?
  19. GRAAv

    is this legal?

    don't make me find you in cave
  20. GRAAv

    is this legal?

    Thats actually a huge lie maybe you should go look around on the steam community theirs a huge selection of games that require actual hard work
  21. Unless you have some kinda godly power I don't see that happening I have a eternal frost maul and I will rage hard
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