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Most of us don't use miracle coins, not even some full +10 people e.g. Swagathero, Myouren etc. They spent a lot of time online and worked hard for it. Needs a lot of patience and endurance :)

But the reward of winning later mcoin players is priceless.

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I agree to what you said and most of my earnings come from selling drops from dgs. Mark..you have helped me by  selling signs sets to me on signs sale day   Thank you very much bro. :good: 

Zeus and Julia were saying that i didn't spend real life money  which is true. We from Themercs believe that Hardwork is always rewarded.  We have complete respect to you bro. Its always fun playing with you on game   ;D

How much time have you been playing?

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I still don't believe that a newbie can become full +10 without buy a single coin.

He's not a newbie anymore.. He worked and saved gold for almost a year.


I wanna join but I'ma a busy person to make that many gpts

It's not hard to get 10k go in a week but anyway, we quitted going for #1 because cc isn't worth it to invest gold in tournament and we have reached the highest guild level..

However, we are either going for #2 or #3 now with 5k gp requiered a week :)   

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