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  1. Crit, are you trying to compare the healing of a caster class such as shamans with a melee class like palas? There should be no way palas had a chance to cure more than a healing caster class. I have never seen it in any game i have played. Besides, as turtle stated, some palas already using magic to make banners op, imagine if they get items arena rewards with more magic damage. It makes no sense. No skill should be able to kill u in 3 secs on their own.
  2. Akasha we trying to state that using damage skills on an enemy should remove stealth, whether they miss or hit the enemy.
  3. Well akasha i have read ur comments, and maybe you are right about degradative damage. However, i think the problem lies in the fact that as you could see in the video, casters using aoes in the video have extra chances if they fail a skill and keep being in stealth mode. As daria said, all damaging skills on an enemy should remove stealth. Otherwise, it is not fair that casters have many chances to use aoes until they hit the enemy...
  4. 1- That is a statement i wrote. If using stealth pots caster players are going to be able to have a chance to cast aoe spells and remaining in stealth if they fail... don´t you think they do have more advantages that rogues? we dont have a chance to fail a damaging skill and remain in stealth aswell. 2- You are completely wrong about this. Don´t you know poison stealth rogue combo? You gouge the enemy, you cast poison skill and you do a regular hit on gouged enemy at the same time that you press stealth skill button. You remain in stealth while the enemy is receiving poison hits depending on the poison skill lvl the rogue has. So yes, it can be posible. But my point here is completeley different: Why druids have to be the only class failing an aoe stun + damage skill and remaining invisible. I d appreciate your answer to this question. 3- The solution that should be made is that if you are in stealth and use any damaging skill, stealth should be removed. Do i have to repeat again what happened to ricochet rogue skill? At the beginning we rogues could throw a knife to the enemy and stay in stealth whether we hit or failed. Devs changed that. So now druids can do that? 0 SENSE. 4- Ok, sorry, i thought you were talking to me
  5. Akasha, shaman quake skill is also stun + damage. I used stealth potion on shaman, casted quake on an empty t4 place and stealth was immediately removed. Druids when fail the same skill stun + damage (root aoe) keep in stealth. Besides, in my videos, it can be noticed that druid just become visible because she uses other skills or regular attack.
  6. As you can see, in none of my messages i talk about nerfing druid skills. This section, support, is supposed to take care of bugs that take place in game, through which some players are taking advantage of to win the rest players. I am only argueing about this issue. I don´t want to discuss other situations, i just want to discuss with game developers or people who take care of game about this bug and try to find a solution to an unfair situation that fair players like me are suffering. I think it is reasonable enough.
  7. Well, maybe i am terribly wrong but locks pool seems to work the same way and when locks use it while in stealth, they become visible, whether they hit or not the enemy. Besides, are you saying me that now by means of stealth potions, players who use them are going to have more advantages than rogues? We rogues cant use any damaging skill on enemies and remain in stealth. So why again players would choose rogue class? In that sense, I want a banner potion that casts a paladin banner and work the same way... no, in a better way. It seems players now can get better benefits using stealth that the only class in game that has stealth skill.
  8. It is true, Kelvzs, but it is devs decision to create some classes better than others. We can do nothing about that. However, as in any other game, bugs happen and players must report them to make game better. I think I have found a bug through which some players are taking advantage, ruining fair play in this game, and i d like devs to solve it because cheaters should not win taking advantage of this situation.
  9. Maybe they use it before arena battle, and when you enter in arena and have to wait 5 seconds to start you are visible, but when arena starts u become invisible again. But i am 100% sure that sometimes i have seen them when entering arena just to see how they banished after 5 secs
  10. Well not only that. Sometimes I play ws on tablet, and in specific maps i am able to see the enemy at distance. And these two guys I don´t know how (because i don´t use stealth pots in arena, i think it is for cowards) but they use pots within arena. I can see them but suddenly they disappear with the same icon as when they use pots.
  11. In addition, I forgot to mention a critical statement. If you all guys remember, rogues were the only class with the ability to become invisible by means of stealth skill. When expert skills were implemented, one specific expert skill for rogue was "ricochet", a skill through which u throw a knife to an enemy. Ok, at first (i didn´t buy that skill) i heard and saw in arena and pvpcave that rogue players were able to use stealth and use ricochet, throwing the knife to the enemy and keeping invisible too. However, devs changed the skill, and from that moment on, if a rogue used ricochet in stealth, a damage and stun skill if u add a stun relic on ricochet skill, stealth was removed. So could you explain me how the only class that is able to use stealth skill is nerfed and a druid who buys stealth potions can do this and keep invisible? Do you think it is fair? If it is true, why would players want to create rogue class when they can use druids who can use stealth too, but can cast skills in stealth, heal and stun better than rogues? Something is terribly wrong here, and i can´t believe i am the only one who can notice it.
  12. Look, Akasha, let´s think on an example. Imagine that you and a friend of yours are going to do an exam. You have the same knowledge. You have the same tools to do it. However, the teacher says that your friend will get 2 extra positive points in the mark you will both get. Do you think it is fair? Your friend is having an advantage over you for no reason. I think its a good example to explain the problem here. Casters such as druids, shamans and locks are quite similar. So why druids can use stealth, then cast an aoe skill who can damage enemies and still remain invisible? Shamans in stealth become visible as soon as they cast quake, whether they hit the enemy or they miss. Do you think that druids should have the chance in arena to use that aoe root expert skill and keep invisible if they fail it? So they have another chance to use another aoe skill while in stealth such as forest song to sleep the enemies? Or to use root and disable the enemy? And meanwhile the rest casters such as shamans have to resign if they use stealth pot, cast quake, fail it and they become visible? I hope you can understand it would be the same feeling as watching how your friend gets extra credits or points in an exam. There is something wrong with this, and the players I stated before are taking advantage of it for weeks.
  13. That trolling is carried out by noobs trolls, because a higher lvl bd in party uses agro on boss again and problem solved. It is better to troll with a low lvl druid. How? You wait till the druid in party heals the tank, then you use a lvl 2 druid and heal the tank. Soon the tank is dead and the farming is trolled. That is having a really good time
  14. Akasha, this aoe root expert skill from druid is quite similar to pool skill from locks and quake skill from shamans. I have tested pool and quake and even if these skills fail, invisibility removes. Do i need to record a video and show it to you? I have no problem at all. And in fact, nowadays druid class is far way better than locks. I think u should not suggest nerfing a class if another class is showing a bug. BUG = A defect or difficulty, as in a system or design For this reason, bugs have to ve fixed and solved.
  15. Sorry if i gave that impression, i am always polite when writing in forum, but i am really tired of taking proofs and thinking that maybe no actions will be taken to fix this problem. I think my videos prove that this druid is using an aoe damage skill in stealth and she does not become visible. I have fought this player for weeks and she is doing the same all the time. This is not an exceptional issue. She is doing it on purpose to take advantage and try to win us. I can admit that she spends tons of money in game so she is full +10, stays in the top guild with all the buffs it implies, buys scrolls and pots to buff her character and even the fact that she uses stealth potions. But using stealth potions, casting damage skills and keep being invisible? While other classes can´t do the same? That is too much for any player. How do you fight bugs like this? Do we have to give up and see how cheater players use bugs for free? I just want fair play in this game. Thanks anyway for your answer and i hope you can fix this situation.
  16. Sorry Akasha, but you are wrong. I just tested it on shaman. I used stealth potion, and i casted quake. I used quake on empty place (no enemy) and stealth was removed. So u imply that none effect = still invisible and it is not true. Do you need me to record a video so u believe it once for all? I am an old player, and before claiming the existence of a bug, i make sure it is true.
  17. That reasoning leads me to think that u palas want this to happen so u just cast banner and trap the enemy and battle is over. It can´t be so easy.
  18. Well, in my opinion, palas are always melee players, and melee players are always related to physical damage. Your class is lucky and can rely on magic dmg as well, but as a melee character, its main source of damage is melee, not magic such as casters.
  19. Sorry Akasha, you are completely wrong. Any other classes can´t use skills to damage enemies and keep being invisible. I have tested it few mins ago with shaman class. Used pot stealth, casted quake skill on empty area and at that moment, stealth is removed. Same goes to any other class: Shamans totems, palas banners, locks circles/pool etc. If rest classes cant do this, and druids are taking advantage of this, it is a bug. And players taking advantage of bugs should be punished, according to the ws rules of conduct. PD: In the second video, even a kid can see that druid is in stealth at the beginning of the battle, she uses root aoe skill and she fails trying to root us. However she keeps being invisible until she decides to attack one of us, taking her time to do it (5 or 6 seconds). I have tried the same with shaman, and using the same strategy, as soon as you use quake in stealth you become visible. Same happens to other classes. Is it so difficult to admit a bug when you see it?
  20. So you are claiming that instead of facing and trying to stop a bug, you have to accpet it? No way. As I said, no other class can use stealth pot, use a damage skill on enemies and keep being invisible. This is a bug, and we don´t have to resign and do nothing about that. There is a clear rule of conduct in ws terms of use saying that no player is allowed to use bugs. Cheaters like these ones threaten the fair play in game, abusing and taking advantage of bugs to try to win other players.
  21. Is there anything better in this game than watching how 2 newbie full +10 players with arena/guild buffs, who waste tons of pots and scrolls, and take advantage of a bug in which the druid uses stealth pot to use aoe root skill but she keeps being invisible, still lose vs lower lvl players with no guild buff and not using stuff as they do? I don´t think so. Losers gonna lose no matter what. Cheater players using bugs should be banned from ws. Have fun with this epic match in which even with bugs, a rich +10 lvl 21 bd full of buffs run scared as a baby from my guild mate. https://youtu.be/qldpAWCCAqY
  22. Good afternoon. I would like to report a situation that has been taking place in US-Sapphire realm for weeks. I am a lvl 20 rogue and i am helping a guild friend (warlock) to take first position in arena rank. However, two inexperienced but rich elf players, Ukbiatch (lvl 20 druid) and Tukillah (lvl 21 bd) are using bugs to win us and any other player in arena. They take advantage in every fight in relation to the use of stealth potions. It is well-known that nowadays players can use stealth potions or items. However, no class should be able to use aoe skills in stealth and keeping invisible, like this druid is doing. These two inexperienced but rich players, use everything they can (including arena and guild buffs, potions and scrolls) to create such amount of buffs on their chars that druid can use their root aoe expert skill and she keeps being invisible, instead of being visible. I am a rogue, with stealth skill. If i am invisible, any skill disables it, so the same should happen to stealth potions. Furthermore, some pro mc characters and friends, have try to do that too, and all of them become visible when casting aoe skills. However, this druid is taking advantage of a bug to win 1st position in arena rank, and it should be forbidden. According to rules of conduct 3.B.f, it is not allowed to exploit any bugs in the Game and bugs in the game software as well as bugs of the payment systems used for paying for the Game. If you faced with such bugs you are obliged to report about it to AIGRIND LLC. These players are not reporting it, and they are exploiting this situation, taking advantage of this bug to try to win first arena position. Fortunately, they are unexperienced and they still lose most times vs us, old and inactive players with no guild buffs or not spamming scrolls or potions to try to win. But watching how this kind of cheater players try to take advantage of bugs to win fair players....no, it is too much. Will be any answer to this behaviour? Thanks in advance Next I post some clear videos of this druid using the bug. Fortunately, they win few times compared to the times we win them, no matter how hard they try and cheat. https://youtu.be/cnXuiG5OoCs https://youtu.be/qldpAWCCAqY https://youtu.be/iYEjr6Gps5Q
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