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When is Paladins Banner getting nerfed ?

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The game is balance now.Every skill and class has their pros and cons.If you thought paladin banner is so OP,try it make a paladin and experience it.The banner is simply balance,level 1 with 0 magic it deal a merely 50 dmg to a rabbit.Magic power is also very limited to paladin unlike other class that using staff which can rise their magic power by amp.Maximize the banner potential is like a double edge sword.In one way you will deal a massive damage but on the other way you lose many other stats that very important for you.



Not trying to defend paladin because I have MC char as one of my main too.My shaman have around 2000 both physical and magic def and I am just fine now against paladin.

Seriously,there have been so many topic about banner and IMO its not OP.Between 3 expert skill,this skill is the only one paladin can count and it have a very long cooldown too.

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