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  1. Hi all, it says there is a bonus of coins but when I enter my apple i.d and confirm purchase the bonus doesn't show up. Here is some attached SS. Maybe it's an easy fix I'm not sure I am a new iPhone user
  2. JayTheTank


    very fast response thank you so much
  3. JayTheTank


    Hi sir, I was wondering if you could reach out to me and tell me who took 2 necro skillbooks out of our (Sithlords) warehouse this past weekend. It was most likely Friday. It was the own members fault for leaving them, but I am trying to be a good person and get them back. If I should email support instead just let me know. I believe I've seen you do this before for an old friend. Its not a whole lot but its the principle of telling the truth. Thank you.
  4. Arena used to be so fun. I would love the older arenas back versus good parties. In my opinion arena and wars are the most fun in all of warspear. Also, these guild rewards need a tweaking. I have 50k cc on 3 different characters lol. I'm sure the mercs and pernicious can say the same. I would think financially more guilds would spend mcoins if rewards were better. The 2 week tours were also good. Very excited for arena season to be over with so patiently waiting for announcement. I know devs its impossible to please everybody in the game. (Or in any aspect of life someone will always be mad), but a lot of the top guild leaders in US sapphire are saying the same thing.
  5. I love this A weekly board for all guild members to read so there are no disagreements. Maybe a rules board. The guild message is too limited. It would be great to have a guild notebook.
  6. Maybe one day I will switch to the light side.
  7. I already have +10 bd its outdated and I don't play it , but yes it would take time. For elf class I think druid would be the most fun.
  8. Lydia, mcmonkeys, myoren, Mrvendetta, SWAGathero, these are all good players Coming soom, bladeboner.
  9. This didn't happen because I haven't been in pvp cave in a month. I think pvp is pointless. I only pvp on request.
  10. JayTheTank


    I miss Absalom too:(
  11. Congrats to everyone on here, a real pro has fun with the game and doesn't degrade anyone.
  12. Ryderx #1 lvl 10 pro, whoever took the time to make this post to degrade him with such nonsense is clearly is lacking any real social or emotional needs in their life. I wouldn't worry about such nonsense, idiots are all over, hard to avoid.
  13. tonight, me v you, ill put 10k on it
  14. If it helps, all my good amps were in 5v5 parties, buying 1 set of a.p spheres at a time. Maybe everyone has his own thing, to each his own
  15. dont really know the formula, the chances may get better as the more signs you use. At least I believe between +8-10 its a lot of luck, or timing.
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