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  1. Wadeeh bro I killed u one dagger u should be lower than top 5 you good tho
  2. Lol cyber I won most now I win all lol with dodge and counter setup and maybe 1 dagger I want try
  3. I mean I would always let u signal first I won most of the time and let's PvP fun duck betting
  4. Lol i can beat ur rogue 1 dagger cyber xD and I beat +10 rangers 1 dagger fun
  5. I got cloack darkmist and 2 bands darkmist I have screenshots but it don't let me post Also lvl 5 weaos I got back to back
  7. Any boss drops COSTUMES/WEAPONS/ARMOUR ETC...
  8. So many players so many years :*. Can't wait for the new boss maybe some nerfs to some classes would be lovely !
  9. Hey peter When are we getting new expert Skills? Because some classes need balancing and to make the game more interesting.
  10. Taking a day off of work to play a game? Pretty sad man
  11. I think I deserved my ring Ty Aigrind and Happy 7 ! When servers up?
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