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( Forum game ) Ask the person below you a question.

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Yes, its neat, 1.3.1 best update on my opinion tho ^^

Its almost like Warspear- turns weirder and not "minecraftlike" every update. and gets weirder with updates. I stopped playing it btw...


Do you like my new signature :3 i made it myself (GIMP skillz duh)


I haven't seen your new signature,as I'm on phone now:(


What version did you start playing Minecraft?

(Can you top ver. 1.1?)

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Actually, not that far away. 2-3 weeks ago i could consider me as losing my status as a noob.



4 months after I started playing, january 2013, but the real deal started on july 14 2013, when good ol' Grandak was hacked and I started noso:)


How many in-game money have you spent? Doesn't have to be a good estimate, just.... you know what I mean:)

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Because, you have to do the things you dont like to live.

You must have to pay sacrifice to enhance your life.


spooky conspiracy

The capitalistic system is designed to enslave the common man, there will soon be no common mans, just slaves of their own debt. #zeitgeistbruh #getrekteconomy #illemernati



AAAAnd the second point i cant answer because you could obviously do it. If the thing is legitimate, thats another question.


What was the 45. Question? And what is your answer to it?

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Star Wars The Old Republic, a pay to win game like warspear... The free players have plenty of restrictions, but that's ok.



Dammit, Kazuma!


this one:


or this one:



I'm thinking of a number. I multiplied it with 7 and added 2 to the answer.

My final answer is 23.

What number am I thinking of? :blush:

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Not enough information to even answer that question. There could've been only 2 people in that party and had 66 handshakes, maybe others had more handshakes than others? Who knows? I'm not asian enough to do this math question.


Why do I always feel sleepy after eating?

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Roses are red

Violets are blue

Does this count

As poetry too?


(If you eat something your stomach will begin to work. Getting your food done inside drains a lot of energy, which might get you sleepy.

This is also a reason why you shouldnt go in a cold pool, bath after you ate much, because 2 heavy energy duties(doing food, attempting to keep body warmth at 37°) are overworking your body, which might get you collapsed




(Question is in poem)

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Its too short xD

Do u know that the winner of last beauty contest was a 14 years old girl?

No I didn't, but who cares she's only a little girl. Probably had no money so used it to her advantage? 


What is the meaning of life?

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