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[2014.03.11] “Warspear Online” 3.12 Announcement - Expert Skills

Guest LaOnza

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NICE WORK  :good: ,,,










Why selling items (which are most of them personal) for the skill?
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Yes we do. But 40k is nothing for a lvl 18+ char.



As a lvl 18+ player you must be able to generate 20k a week easy?

Everyday easy kill daily quests and some combined collecting quests, and some free tickets arena (yes, arena created gold!). 1 to 1.5 hours of play per day. No dungeon, no swamp, no hunt.


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As a lvl 18+ player you must be able to generate 20k a week easy?

Everyday easy kill daily quests and some combined collecting quests, and some free tickets arena (yes, arena created gold!). 1 to 1.5 hours of play per day. No dungeon, no swamp, no hunt.


Those things would give like 2k a week lol.
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2-3k a day you mean. Griduar gives 200 gold + 4 potions? 200 + 4x 80 = 520 gold. Just 1 daily. Find out yourself the gold for gremlins, power of the legeon, waters, leopard, hatred of the goblind (this one combined a lot of collecting quests), rogues of maiden, winged, 3 trolls, etc.

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I think ice arrows would have been a better idea, okay so fire arrows deal magic damage over time, I can see being good with blessing, but since scatter isnt as good anymore, I think ice arrows would be best, you can freeze an opponent for a few seconds while also dealing magic dmg to, so it would be helpful in many ways, Im looking forward to see how good dk and rangers are :)

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ranger has 2 pure physical damage. 1st is first damage skill of ranger and 2nd is an expert skill  :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:


why Dk give magic area attack not physical attack  :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:

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The skills are awesome, all tank classes should actually be able to tank now, not ignore a taunt ability completely simply cuz u cant use it in arena. DPS should  be able to pump out damage, as much as they can, and NEVER pull off tank now, no more DPS tank cuz actual tank  classes dont know how to utilize their taunts to hold mob aggro. Priests can now use tears in dungeons, mages/locks can use AoE dmg skills, etc, and at no point should the mobs leave the tank and go atk dps'ers. Good update, tanks, learn to tank, cuz now you will be reamed for being noobish and not holding aggro in dungeons. USE THE GOD DAMN TAUNT, NO MORE DPS TANKS, THANK YOU!!!!!

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Thats good was getting tired of pulling aggro. i would use regular auto attacks with my rogue absolutely no skills and stopping all attacks for a minute in between and still pull aggro rather quickly . U get the 1650 auto attack crits and bang boss on u. Makes the healers job harder when aggro bouncing around.

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Опубликованное фото


Dear players!


AIGRIND company releases an update of the best mobile MMORPG “Warspear Online: Clash of Guilds” 3.12 for Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 8, Windows and Linux. New version will go live on March 12th. The universe will raise the veil of mystery and give all residents of Arinar precious gift - unheard knowledge of martial arts. Everyone will be able to learn new skills in mysterious mentors. Forward to new knowledge!


New skills


It is said, that Berengar was so powerful and mighty so that he created a room, where he locked out all the wisdom of this world. Somehow all the knowledge of everything ever existed (or could be) was stored in this room. But after that Berengar decided to travel down the Arinar roads becoming an ethereal spirit. His tower was destroyed and the room was lost forever. No one ever knew how to find and open it.


Five hundred years later Berengar was avenged. Legion and Chosen warriors cleaned out the corrupted tower. Sages started to look for the mysterious room. Their search was in vain: eternal world knowledge wasn't meant for everyone. But after all the struggle they touched a small part of the wisdom, these shreds scattered after Berengar's power had fallen.


After learning the spells and abilities which couldn't be ever imagined by the people of Arinar these sages became mentors. In the dark libraries all the volunteers were taught might and magic mysteries. But others were still trying to find the room. Everyone knew that all the world's knowledge and wisdom worth any challenge no matter how hard it was. Invisible war of the mentors will be continuing while alliances' armies are battling to death armed with the new abilities and spells!


New possibilities will be discovered for high level players in update 3.12. Everyone who has reached level 18 can learn brand new skills from mysterious mentors. Like all great, trainers couldn't leave powerful knowledge only for themselves, so they created library in Irselnort.


Опубликованное фото

Опубликованное фотоОпубликованное фото


Skills tab interface will be changed. All skills are now separated, there are 2 types of skills – Basic and Expert. Basic skills are available for character from start, Expert skills requires studying and you have to find manuals! You could receive them for completing dungeons, killing bosses or purchase from traders.


Опубликованное фотоОпубликованное фотоОпубликованное фото


As you see, to open slot for Expert skills you have to distribute 10 skill points, basically, you have to reach level 18 to make that. You will receive new expert skill slots on different levels. In this update two of them will be available for you – on levels 18 and 20 respectively. You have to choose to learn and when, because we are planning to make lots of skills! That's why you can change old expert skill to new one! To make it you have to click on slot with expert skill and press Menu. Old skill will be deleted therefore.



Expert Skills




Blazing ground - Ground in a specified area starts blazing. All enemies inside the area suffer from constant magic damage during the time of the skill effect.



Valor Aura - Priest creates an aura which increases physical and magic power. It affects to all allies in party inside a certain radius.



Illumination - Makes all enemies in the radius of Illumination effect to attack the paladin. Resurrected monsters and cursed characters get magic damage from the skill.



Mountain Clans


WarCry - Makes all enemies in the radius of Warcry effect to attack the barbarian. The barbarian's physical and magic defense increases while the skill active.



Elusive Jump - Rogue rushes to enemy dealing physical damage.



Lightning Shield - Shaman is surrounded by lightning shield. If the shaman gets any damage there's a chance that the shield will return magic damage.





Fire Arrow - Fire Arrow released dealing physical damage and firing enemy. While the target is on fire it is suffering from magic damage during some time.



Forest Song - All enemies in the radius of Forest Song effect, with some chance, may fall asleep. Once they get any damage the effect disappears.



Rush - Blade Dancer rushes to specified area and, with some chance, stuns enemies inside this area. All enemies the Blade Dancer meets during the rush, will attack him during some time.




Death Knight

Death Call - Makes all enemies in the radius of Death Call effect to attack the Death Knight. Enemies nearby the Death Knight get magic damage constantly during the skill effect.



Bloody Tribute - Warlock curses an enemy, which will be getting damage periodically. If the enemy uses a skill he will loose additional energy. The skill ends after its duration time, or after target uses any skill.



Fateful Connection - Connects all enemies inside specified area with magic threads.

A part of damage dealt to one of them is transferred to others.



* The date may change due to the uncertain timing of the approval of games in Windows Phone Store and App Store by Apple.


Stupid update.

Again symbian users got exit bug at swamp zeneth,kota teleports.

Nice work for enable sms option to some countries.

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