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  1. That's quite trickky because on my Sony "back" button is build in display, so when Warspear is running I do not see this button ^^
  2. I have just one question... I cannot login via any mobile devices and receiving error "Connection with server has been lost"? That is all what I want, just log in... :crazy:
  3. Hello Everyone! From yesterday I have and issue with login to Warspear 3.13.2, I have communication "Connection with server has been lost". I reinstalled WS, tried to Switch Profile but nothing helps. Does someone else have similar issue? Maybe someone could advice me how to fix it? Thanks & Regards
  4. will you be able to relase v 3.12 for Symbian today?
  5. I have reinstalled client (download from site) and still have 3.11 :( therefore still can not use manuals. I see info "Your Version of this game is does not support this item..." How can I update game?
  6. I think that is very good idea. We should have ability to come back to the town as fast as possible. Mabye like in wow we will have to finish chain of quests? aAnd after this we wiil get an item wchih wiill give ush this ability.
  7. Now you have a chance to be at the beginning of a new technological service that will literally move the world. It will change the way people move from one point to another thanks to mobile technology and it will generate millions of transactions you can profit from. It is a "community business" concept. We have the idea and the product and those who help spread it around the world will profit from it. ]Until now we have kept this innovative approach a secret, because nobody has ever used the power of the community business to distribute mobile apps! ]Register below to get more details ahe
  8. Its hard to lohg in to the game from my PC, but it is IMPzssible to login from my mobiles... Ive got 3.4.4 version....
  9. to co jest korwa grane? Od dwoch dni mam Connection with server has been lost... i nie moge sie dostac do konta??? wtf???
  10. Serwery dalej nie dostepne??
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