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  1. Damn i need 1 more crafting level took over 400 tower runs to get the mats ,but finally got enough to make both but crafting xp is insane. plus the higher the level weapon the harder its seems the amping is .took me 92 sets to do both endless Gladys only 60 for dooms 52 for pvp blades so its getting harder or just bad luck
  2. I tried it for the hell of it dual war hatchets.big crits from stealth. But man they sooooooooo slow :facepalm: for some classes its prob worth it u can finish em with the big stealth merc strike, but vs melee high def resil u gonna get owned using axes especially stunning classes, stick to daggers just my opinion
  3. Not really some gear you wear for certain stats crit etc isnt the best for def so it does affect dmg especially attack speed for more dps i am using resil runes not def which would add another 632 def plus with guild buff would put it at 4987 but u would get crit slapped non stop in pvp. The one with that def has no resilience he would get wrecked on our server with many 600-664 dmg 34.6 %crit rogues.
  4. Mrfunky

    Favorite Class

    Love my rogue! You get those legendary rogue moments where you stealth hit 1600 and merc strike crit right after for 1480. Then gouge and crit for 1200 more. And the opponent didnt even hit you once.Thats epic rare but epic. Also what other class can u go into 5 man arena get all 5 kills and put up 13000 dmg. Rogues are soo fun . Rangers are amusing too the 1200+1200 bless shots make people say ouch!! I'm a dps lover though so I'm biased. Ps. I would love to see these pallys that can take a rogue easy, Imho if a pally beats your rogue you should delete pick a new class.
  5. For wulfgarr who says its impossible for a rogue to get 4k def and still be over 600 dmg.
  6. I know right no ios either been over a week . If u not gonna update other systems drop em as clients >:D :facepalm:
  7. This kinda ridiculous really got to do demos b4 releasing stuff then u can test it while realms are untouched . These 5 hours of fixes for 1 hour of update getting old . Hire new programmers with the money u make off my 1239 signs to go from 9-10 amp that still hasn't hit 10 . Maybe 2000 signs is my lucky number
  8. 17 more dmg than doom at 10 and crystal greater chant is another 13 dmg so 30 total is a lot it puts a rogue from 602 to over 660 if both are amped to 10 with greater chants
  9. Thats good was getting tired of pulling aggro. i would use regular auto attacks with my rogue absolutely no skills and stopping all attacks for a minute in between and still pull aggro rather quickly . U get the 1650 auto attack crits and bang boss on u. Makes the healers job harder when aggro bouncing around.
  10. 6k magic def ?? Really I have all 10 amp 17 items with 2 runes and only at 4470 thats kinda unbelievable and with casters i have a rogue doing over 600 dmg a hit and druids can swarm me to death doing only 54 dmg a tick but yeah give them insane crowd control and high dmg go head its fair that rogues and bd cant even touch a druid
  11. I agree druid used to be rogues kryptonite now they getting thrashed unless casters are full 10 it's too easy i play rogue for the challenge upping dmg that much is just boring we went from 628 to over 700 with ice queen set needs more balancing. Priests and necros have one mediocre attack that does plink dmg they need help too
  12. Figures as usual iOS bites it again gotta be beat on for a month till we get update (eyeroll face palm)
  13. Yeah i use the rings and medallion for a year now best things in the world 50g he must be smoking crack i sold ice set for 350k in a minute after posting i put a dark blade up for 4 million as a joke and it sold too. If theres someone willing to pay then it's not too much. Just do u dont worry what anyone says. Thier just sheep following the herd
  14. Nice i just wanna kill stuff and yeah I agree range chainless gets tiresome the fifth time around especially having to kill 40 elf farmers for every boss
  15. Damn u mean i didn't win my guild(me) has 512 points yeeeahhh baby
  16. Mc- ladyseth ,afro, ed ..elf- poley, weezy, & grom
  17. Lol with roots being a auto win button skill right now. And more than half the elf population being druids cause of the imbalance u nerf warlocks lmao epic cluelessness
  18. Hey whatever floats ur boat homeboy.takes all kinds to make the world go round. Im a big a-hole in game very confrontational. But in real life im very nice and quite shy. In role playing we always usually play our alter ego
  19. People are too funny. Ooooh im so scared shaman. I been playing this game for going on 3 years Full 10 amp kw 2x10 amp doom rondells 2x10 amp gladius Its all about gear and luck this game takes 0 skill. And it kills me when people call others noobs With all 5 buttons in this game it don't take a rocket scientist to master it. If any of you play wow Im funkymuffin 1376 spell dmg shadow priest Envy guild Malganis server Full tier 13 Beast mode Come play a real game. Ps. Im still at nadir and still haven't seen any of you challenge me so stfu. This post was about fighting a druid. And everyone here went way off topic. I never said i was the greatest. or best. You all did i guess it's true Jealous ones envy. Hell I'd trade my account here for an enchant recipe in wow. That's how much i care about this game lmfao .
  20. And no ive never seen sullen or shitzone must be different server But they came in my druid topic with straight hate.no constructive comments and totally off topic so fux em both Ill pvp jesus if he steps up to get respect you must give it. And acting like an assclown doesn't make you great. Ive seen tyler,afro,asthetic do great things as a rogue to better the class but never the unknown forum trolls here.
  21. I don't play emerald nooblets Secondly i been playing since release. 3. I do pot cause elfs won't fight me one on one its always a gank fest. You ask raghu or hawkton who runs nadir. 4. You guys are totally off topic with the hate no one said i was the best rogue our had the highest dmg im only 4th in highest crit. But now i see why pvprange laughs at all of you. People swear they good yet im up at nadir for one on ones all day. I don't see you rushing up there I can record our fights and youtube it for all to laugh. 5. Most of the people commenting arnt even on our server just more haterade. So in short stfu and fight. No words necessary If you can't get along get it on. Oh and maleshaman you suck as mc so i doubt you beat me in elf lol
  22. Go crit some bunnies and take leet pics lmao Noobsauce
  23. Lol haterz 1st of all 2175 no snow queen gear No permeation crysyals no polar drink which would give me 540 more dmg i can get up to 2654 i know ive done it. 2. The 3k dmg im speaking of is coming out stealth hit 1432 and merc strike crits for 1600 i do it often i can record it if you want tough guy. 3. i regularly crit casters and rangers above 2k . And if im a noob come try me theres only 10 people on the server that can beat me and your not one of em. Lmfao And of course I'm not the best rogue Afro and astetic claimed that honor. But i do know i kill elfs 5 on 1 and do 12k arena dmg i have pvp videos Nooblets
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