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Applications for Chinese and Latin American moderator position!

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Dear community!


New times, new changes! Once again, we are looking for a brave warrior to help guard law & order on our official forum. And we are accepting applications for Moderators' positions for China and Latam region. Want to hear more about it? 


Our ideal candidate has great oral and written communication skills and is able to develop engaging content. You should be a ‘people person’ with good interpersonal skills and the ability to moderate online conversations with our community. Ultimately, you should be able to give verifiable answers to questions, and admit when you don't have all the answers, and and manage conflicts.


  • Join and participate in forum discussions aligned with Warspear online rules of conduct, EULA and Community rules
  • Helping new members to get familiar with forum tools and our community rules
  • Respond to comments and questions or forward them to the right people/channels
  • Translate short posts with official or useful information to the language of use in your subforum (Chinese/Spanish/Portuguese)
  • Monitor and report important feedback from players (bugs, reviews..)
  • Identify community members (with good / not so good behavior pattern)
  • Help organize and participate in events to build community and boost engagement
  • Work together with the staff (admins, support team) to ensure information consistency 
  • Stay updated on new updates and features in game
  • Stay up-to-date with our other channels (Steam, VK, Facebook, in-game news) 
  • Promote positive and entertaining conversations, enlightenment and respect.
  • Have fun and enjoy what you do!
  • More clarifications and instructions are available in the Moderator's Memo & Rules (available once you get accepted)


  • Overall adequacy. Your age is not the most important thing, we care about who you are and how you communicate with people.
  • Experience launching community initiatives (you can share with us, for example, a contribution made in a relevant discussion on forum, past suggestion to improve the game/community, your participation in an event/contest or guides / fun content you wrote)
  • Attention to detail and ability to multitask (e.g. spot repeated posts, share answers given in the past about the same subject)
  • Proficient verbal communication in English or Portuguese
  • Native/advanced writing skills in the language of use in your subforum (Chinese/Spanish/Portuguese)
  • Knowledge of in game vocabulary, gameplay and game world
  • Free time to visit and moderate our forum and your section
  • Positive attitude and mindset

Appreciated skills

  • Moderator experience. It's not critical, but it is preferable.
  • Basic familiarization with forum system (posting, searching bar, ranks, reactions, reports, etc)
  • Basic familiarization with other game platforms and social medias (Facebook, Steam, Discord..)
  • Basic IT skills (image edition, gifs, creating memes..)

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find almost all the answers in Special thread for all related questions. If you want to make sure a certain information given is up-to-date, or can't find the answer to your question, you can make a new post there. Offtop, flood, flame will be deleted. For free conversations you check Tavern.



Before sending your application, read the warning – being moderator is a tough job, sometimes overwhelming and received privileges hardly could be compared with the amount of aggression which may be caused by your moderator actions. So, take your time and consider all pros and cons.


What do I earn from being a moderator? 

Moderator of community is a volunteer job and the only guaranteed gains are experience and knowledge, every other regular or unique benefits are entirely up to staff's decision on its regard. We can talk more about this, if you become a moderator.


When do I receive a decision on my application?

You should submit your application as soon as possible, but the interview and selection is made according to staff's schedule - the process of selection remains ongoing, unless officially informed otherwise. If for any reason you decide to cancel your application, you can ask any member of our team to delete it from our database.


How to apply?

If you are ready, then just answer briefly to questions in this thread:


1. Nickname on forum, link to your profile

2. Name

3. Age

4. Country

5. Education

6. Have you participated actively in game communities? For how long? Can you provide a link to your profile there?

7. Any Forum administration/moderation previous experience?

8. When you are visiting forum? (weekdays, hours /GMT, please/)

9. In your own words, what's moderator's job is all about?

10. In your brief words, how the administrator, developer and support are liked to the community?

11. What kind of forum features/events/contests can increase user's/guests interest? (any ideas)

12. Why are you applying to this position?

13. What forum section you would like to take care of?

14. Do you have skype/whatsapp account?

15. For how long do you play Warspear Online? Please provide your game realm, nickname, guild


These data will be enough to start dialogue and make a decision in the future.


We will be glad to welcome you in our team.

Good luck!

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15 minutes ago, babybus said:

Most Chinese players do not go to the forum

Our chinese section in the forum is quite new, so we expect you guys join us post some good contents. Please feel free to post there and to bring some in-game friends as well  :drinks:

Edited by SplendorBR
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1 hour ago, SplendorBR said:

我们在论坛中的中文部分是非常新的,因此我们希望你们加入我们,发布一些不错的内容。请随时在此发布,并带一些游戏中的朋友  :饮料:

The popularity of this game in China is average, according to my observation, there are at least 400 active players


but we always discuss games in QQ


Let's not discuss the difficulty of the game,let's not discuss the difficulty of the game,When I first entered the game, I was told that most foreigners don't like Chinese players


I was ban because I had touched other people's interests in 3x3.After I learned to come to this forum and understood the rules,I don't deny that I did violate it,but what about my enemies,I don't even know how to report it


It's just a boring complaint after I was ban.By the way, how to change the forum portrait

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25 minutes ago, babybus said:

根据我的观察,这款游戏在中国的普及度是平均水平,至少有400名活跃玩家。 但是我们总是在讨论QQ游戏。

我没有在“ QQ”或“ WeGame”中找到Warspear Online。 游戏在数据库中吗?


25 minutes ago, babybus said:




25 minutes ago, babybus said:


在这里 https://warspear-online.com/zh/support


25 minutes ago, babybus said:



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4 minutes ago, Akasha said:


我没有在“ QQ”或“ WeGam e ”中找到Warspear Online。游戏在数据库中吗?




在这里 https://warspear-online.com/zh/support



Thank you for your reply in Chinese


This is our common Chinese Forum, but it is not active




We usually communicate with QQ group


I still can't find out how to report it. How can my enemies let GM check me


The reason of account blocking: 
Using more than 2 accounts on same device 


by the way,this is the first time I've played a game for so many years,and I asked a lot of Chinese players who didn't know that


ban me 14 day,let me missed out on Halloween,sad things

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1. Dresden, https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/profile/72794-dresden/


2. Lucas Willians


3. 19


4. Brasil 


5. Ensino médio concluído


6. Em todas as comunidades de jogos que participei eu sempre era mais ativo em plataformas como Facebook e Reddit com o intuito de fornecer sugestões de melhorias para o jogo e também relatar bugs para o suporte do jogo, assim como faço no Warspear também.


7. Experiência em administração de fórum não tenho, mas tenho experiência em administração/organização como no próprio Warspear que faço parte da liderança de uma guilda.


 8. Todos os dias em qualquer horário do dia, mas geralmente mais durante tarde e noite




9. É aquele que interage com a comunidade e divide suas opiniões com ela, sempre cuidando do que é comentado nas publicações da página evitando que haja discussões ou conteúdo ofensivo que possa prejudicar a imagem da comunidade ou empresa relacionada a ela.

10. Na visão da comunidade do BR-Tourmaline eles não tem muito o que falar a respeito dos administradores e nem do suporte, seja pra falar bem ou falar mal, no geral devem estar satisfeitos com os dois. Em relação aos desenvolvedores uma boa parte da comunidade tem um "mimimi" em relação ao balanceamento alegando que os desenvolvedores priorizam os Sentinelas para que eles tenham vantagens como skills melhores e principalmente por conta do mago, acredito que seja uma visão equivocada já que os elfos não dominam todos os servidores e provavelmente muitos podem mudar um pouco essa ideia quando perceberem o pontecial de dano e efeitos em área que o Cacique trouxe para a Legião.


11. Os concursos que existem já são o suficiente, acredito que algo que poderia aumentar o interesse para atrair mais jogadores seria oferecer recompensas exclusivas como skins únicas para os vencedores sejam trajes ou skins de armas e quem sabe algumas conquistas comuns ou até mesmo lendárias, os jogadores adoram disputar por conquistas lendárias ou rank de conquistas comuns no jogo e ter alguma que vc possa conseguir de alguma forma apenas pelo fórum poderia aumentar o engajamento.


12. Warspear é o único jogo que estou jogando atualmente, agora que sou líder de uma guilda com amigos incríveis tenho certeza que nunca mais vou parar de jogar ou dar uma pausa no Warspear e acredito que fazendo parte da moderação do fórum vou poder fazer ainda mais pela comunidade do jogo.


13. Sugestões de melhorias para o jogo.


14. Tenho WhatsApp e se necessário também posso usar o Skype.


15. Desde 2012, tenho bastante experiência no jogo e acredito que ainda tenho muito para explorar, o nick do meu personagem principal é Igualdade e sou da guilda Defensores.

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