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  1. Это зависит от того, как вы собираетесь его использовать.
  2. llunar

    Event Duration

    Will the event be extended until Christmas? It would be very good, leaving one event and starting another
  3. Akasha muito obrigado!! Vai ajudar e muito esse tópico!!!
  4. o traje desses bosses só dropa no baú que recebe no final do evento, ou no próprio boss?
  5. In the image below it shows the progress of the mission, it asks to catch only 5 flowers. When I finish what the mission asks for, it asks for a greater number of iten than the one reported on the mission. In the last update of the game the number of items requested by each mission has been reduced so that the passage in the initial maps is faster, but I believe that some missions have not been totally revised. City Mission 3, next to House of Blood, Forsaken Map Thanks in advance!
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