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Remove 5 min respawn timer


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Increase time limit or remove it. Either way i would be happy.

I Do miss having no time limit to revives. It use to be the answer to swamp campers... get killed by campers > leave the game running until they leave > revive and keep going.

Now i don't bother.. i just reapawn on statue and aigrind misses out on those coins.



Perhaps placing this into the suggestions section of forum?

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nope becuz if they remove it than when game resets ull be revived at same place thats why if u dc the timer will revive u so u dont benefit of reviving ssame place  :friends:

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Whats the point of this?? Just died at eye, wanted to buy mcs to respawn, got mcs and BOOM: respawned at statue. Remove this bs :diablo:


Blue is developer point.
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