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  1. Bullshit? Have you ever tried reading data files?
  2. Yeah, it would be awesome if you guys would stop copying WoW. Even new skills, which are probably in beta, are 100% copied from that game, ability, name and description, word to word :facepalm:
  3. The only items thats is quite shitty is medalion. 22 mana 18 dark damage and 1.8% lifesteal. No health at all. Other items are ok
  4. Ever since Miracle Shop update the game was quite crappy. Not trash, but crappy. You guts probably didnt play before that update, ut those times were awesome
  5. Dont bother with lifesteal, it's kinda crappy, you must have good damage for it to be usefull. + you are using 1 handed weapon so i dont think you wil get much from it. I think 8% is max
  6. Yeah, but it's not worth doing. Def spheres :friends:
  7. If you kill the fox you get the torch. Go back to that doll and burn it. Then you should get a rune from it. The barker says that you can kill 1hp mobs near the gates to get the rune, but he says that's a slow deal. It's not, you'll have to kill 10 of them max to get the rune. Sometimes they drop it on first kill
  8. Thanks. Those weapons look cool but they are nothing special. And the games needs more weapons anyway, now there are checkpoints at level 13,17.and 18. Not many people care about other ones
  9. Those flaming foxes are from that 13 coins quest. Collect the coins go inside the tent and get the runes to pass gates until you reach jacks head.
  10. Shifer14

    Good Bye

    Ta leue Eava aupio X8I dont need translators
  11. My characters are level 3-20, and all of them except the ones level 15 and higher have same quests. Collect 13 cursed coins, 40 amber pumpkins and kil Sam hain. I know there are more quests. How do i start them?
  12. |cuz i bought tickets and not usedYou got kicked for this? WHAT?!1!?
  13. Yeah, i suppose he made.this himself :good:
  14. Rest in peace in peace to all who quit
  15. Shifer14

    3000 TOPICS!

    For your good side?
  16. Shifer14

    3000 TOPICS!

    Wild Ego has appeared :blush:
  17. http://m.youtube.com/results?q=you%20will%20go%20far%20kid&oq=You%20will%20go%20&gs_l=youtube-reduced.1.0.0l4.1009.4256.0.5986. I assure you
  18. And yes, i know, truth hurts, but you can't denie it. Warspear has the worst f2p style game killer - real money shop, which kills all games sooner or later. I dont know how many people played during p2p days but those days were awesome - friendly people, all bosses forever hunted, everyone is awesome. But with Miracle Shop came the skip button, skip to best gear and rape everything. Items that make you stronger should NEVER - i repeat - NEVER be sold for real money in the game, it ruins the experience and kills the game. Warspear wont last longer that 3-5 years, i assure you that
  19. Or walk with shield/heal ready. You'll just click mobs with heal. Only ranger cant do that, so you have to aim at enemis and clear ground
  20. Buff rogues... WHAT??? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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