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Necro back!


You want your necro pay less mana for skills,you rly want be good like before?  

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  1. 1. You want your necro pay less mana for skills,you rly want be good like before?

    • YES
    • NO
    • I just want slicly reduce mana cost
    • Reduce mana cost and rise pasive skill mana regeneration

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Power word ie great, but it does nothing if target waits for the effect to go away. It has a very short duration, athleast lv1. Last priest fight.i soaked 2 power words. Haven't lost to a priest since update. Mana management is a important aspect of PvP, and power word can always be avoided if you keep cool. If not you better now you kill the priest in this atk.


Meet me in pvp cave in 5min with Odjur and his shield :)

and btw tell them not to disturbe :facepalm:

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Well, they  really screw up necro afterall. Now necro cant use the long fight strategy.





Need more signs to do amps. :blush: :crazy:


Last night won 3-0 on one of the strongest druids (saffo) in sapphire in a few of the longest pvp I have had- out amped as well. Don't lose hope! Manage skills, stay alive!


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