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Playing on both Sides - Your thought's?


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Appreciate that bro, seriously.  Yeah some of these boss's a bit challenging, but been managing well so far.  Just started participating in Open Pvp as well, been SO much fun, trying to level up fast.


Remember to read the story. The storyline (Especially the chonsens ones) is amazing :)
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Nothing bad I think  :good:  Sometimes i get bored and I go to my boyfriend ranger so :blush:  Good luck :give_rose: ir ur new side


Appreciate that Tuby! Loving it over here. Feel like this is where I should have started to begin with  :mega_shok: .

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playing both side is rough man i aint gonna lie its nerve recking especially when you let someone lvl your player an then u come back to him an he done ganked everybody now everyone hates you omg im starting to regret the decision ive made but i cant change it so ill go with the flow all i ask is will u guys extend me some courtousy hints the name an u already know who im talking about

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