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  1. Kaworu

    Rogue stats xD

    You were wondering how kaw stayed so op without upgrades for so long? All those dodges surely weren't coming from my 20% :D
  2. Kaworu

    Rogue stats xD

    I shouldn't be calling names, was uncalled for. Apologize for that... Lv3 but I've pvp'd many :D Doesnt take much to know to plug dodge on a rogue.
  3. I wonder how many people will actually believe that I was asking for forgiveness. How many times did I kill you while you tried to gank me on thrashx today? Were you counting? Btw, my necro gear is all +0 ;) looks like your ranger needs work too. I talked to weez, maybe you should as well instead of running your mouth and telling lies trying to inch on some spotlight. You are a nobody. Mexiicano was a ganking noob and nothing has changed now that you are playing baskentli/thrashx. Only uncultured children and ignorants use gay or fag as insults. Really pathetic. Did you quit yet?
  4. Kaworu

    Rogue stats xD

    Not so long ago :D you're welcome for the pro tip.
  5. Kaworu

    Rogue stats xD

    Good to see your not using fortitude on those rings anymore noob rogue...
  6. I dont understand why the author of this thread feels like unnecessarily dragging my name through his broadcasted departure, please excuse the curtness. Stop wondering, just ask her :D
  7. Bye scammer noob, maybe if you knew how to build a pvp druid you could win some and perhaps you wouldnt be so bored... Enjoy whatever your pathetic rl is.. Why don't you ask gi what the situation is, any other useless posts you care to contribute to the forums? You seem to be so pro at it...
  8. Nice! Looking forward to meeting up with your hyper super megatronic pro awesome team. And yes, fran, looking so good :*
  9. My thoughts exactly ;D ;D ;D
  10. First two months doing swamps pulled 2 doom and a small handful of 18's- mostly heroic+radiant fame, 3-6 chars a day everyday. Last two months been running one, rarely two, chars a day, all junky runes and crys.
  11. I have met one cool brazilian player since I started playing ws and have known of 2 others who seem like decent people. Most every other br simply have poor manners, poor farming habits, foul mouths and a love of disturbing cave and farms. Bad mmo etiquette all around. Most names containing br are permanents on my ignore :D
  12. It's a kodama miyazaki style :drinks:
  13. I think we all know the variety of player to blame for this and the reasons why it happens, sadly there is no solution other than to not buy their overpriced junk, be patient. The issue stems from players having no idea of the true value of items and only knowing that they "want it" or want to "get ducking rich". Heavy coin users/sellers- whatever, that's cool, it's their money, like so many aspects in mmo it mirrors real life.. Just dont be dumb and overpay, if you do you are encouraging these rises in prices. If you walk into a grocery and see some delicious apples priced at 67$/kg are you going to buy them simply because they are the only apples in store? What I have always hoped for is a shop free server.
  14. lol busting lids all over the place. Hola necro friends.
  15. I want. Armor Cliff was the best. And Nadir :*
  16. I mean clean sets, without shop persuasion. Where best ≠ amps. More fun imo. Always searching for matches like this. pmpm!
  17. Yep. When is the +0 tourney? :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  18. Kaworu

    i quit

    Farewell Kimmy
  19. Killed twice. Nothing twice. I think we have to kill it 800,000 times. That's the trick.
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