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  1. No because I have a big job now :)
  2. Hmmm guess I gotta leave game :clapping: Bye bye
  3. I love your earrings :clapping: Haha
  4. May I have an idea on which skill or skills I should level up first for the time being? I'm trying to focus on being a War Warlock but no idea on what skills to do first.
  5. :shok: Thats Pliskin's family :rofl:
  6. Well make it interesting like funny things, game tips, the main objective of this game, wars
  7. Pliskin vs. Kaworu is good battle, pros and well with knowledge >:D Wonder why its a draw now
  8. Pliskin using one hand (Level 7), Kaworu using two swords (level 3)
  9. Still wondering when you will quit the game :/
  10. Now we see who will fight finally, hope this is good :)
  11. I wonder what I should do to win :facepalm: I gotta draw
  12. Just remembered last month I told my friend I would get to level 20 on a BD, I cheated and said he has a dirty screen where the "0" should be in "20" :crazy:
  13. Pvprange doing 1v1 is not a chance for him :good: But nice though, could be a whole island for 1v1 pvp :)
  14. making a ranger or two and getting it to level 10 for arena :clapping: Not gonna give up
  15. I never given my acc. to anyone :bad:
  16. I do that alot, I'm addicted then ;D Also a WS addict when you yell at your parents not to bug you after its time to do homework and you end up staying on game all night (true story)
  17. I'm quitting game anyways soon maybe :fool: Warspear is first and only game for scamming, hacking, keylogging :bad: And also I respect what you do so thank for having me in clan though :'( :give_rose:
  18. My whole acc. hacked by Kullabr :facepalm: :cray:
  19. The baby is getting ready for her test on Warspear :aggressive: I'll grade now, you got B-, study more :good: You missed BG
  20. I quit Fear like 3 weeks before I even joined Anonymous :mega_shok: I don't understand, people want to join the clan because of how well they do things and I trying to be strong with this clan
  21. I'm going to say that MC is not weak, but most times MC tries to attack those who they hate and shows nothing but fear because they can't exactly beat an elf. Also sometimes MC attacks those who may think is not pvp and that has happened to me sometimes. But mostly elves are just chatting and there is more drama on elf than MC.
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