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  1. No because I have a big job now :)
  2. Hmmm guess I gotta leave game :clapping: Bye bye
  3. I love your earrings :clapping: Haha
  4. May I have an idea on which skill or skills I should level up first for the time being? I'm trying to focus on being a War Warlock but no idea on what skills to do first.
  5. :shok: Thats Pliskin's family :rofl:
  6. Well make it interesting like funny things, game tips, the main objective of this game, wars
  7. Pliskin vs. Kaworu is good battle, pros and well with knowledge >:D Wonder why its a draw now
  8. Pliskin using one hand (Level 7), Kaworu using two swords (level 3)
  9. Still wondering when you will quit the game :/
  10. Now we see who will fight finally, hope this is good :)
  11. I wonder what I should do to win :facepalm: I gotta draw
  12. Just remembered last month I told my friend I would get to level 20 on a BD, I cheated and said he has a dirty screen where the "0" should be in "20" :crazy:
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