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Found 26 results

  1. Hello there, am a small youtuber I always had this question in mind... How some other ws youtubers are able to use high quality warspear images of game which is hard to find... I couldn't find them on google images or in forums.. Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance
  2. This post will be the place for all my videos about Warspear in my youtube channel. So, feel free to discuss anything or suggest me anything about the game here. Hope you enjoy guys, "Just give thumbup if you like, and thumbdown if you dislike. :) Don't forget to subscribe too....
  3. Inglês: The worn one was found with the submerged half and the other exposed to the light of the sun, and that what makes it have those two halves. They say it was made with magic and an unidentified ore. Português: O desgastado foi encontrado com a metade submersa e a outra exposta a luz do sol, e isso que faz ele ter essas duas metades. Dizem que ele foi feito com magia e um minério não identificado. BR-Tourmaline ❤️ I know i will not win, but it was worth the effort to try 😄
  4. Gendurwo is a forkaken curse creature that was sealed by a witch in a secret room long before a major war occurred, because this creature is very dangerous can kill anyone friend or foe encountered, even he will eat a child who plays at night Zoom Ori Im use dotpict app to draw this. thanks Poccong : eu-Emerald
  5. Gênio Obscuro: Historia: No submundo surgiu um ser com aparência de gênio, ele possui uma armadura dourada e foi conhecido por ser o primeiro a derrotar Kronus, e acabou adquirindo ainda mais poderes surreais, sem contar seus olhos que consegue prever os ataques dos inimigos. Ele promete derrotar todos que ousarem invadir seu território. Composto: CORES: Dourado, preto, cinza, vermelho e azul. Nick: Newpet BR-TOURMALINE
  6. Ola Esse é o guerreiro das profundezas, um elfo contaminado com uma lava do fundo do mar, a sua armadura é feita de um minério vulcânico que é encontrado apenas no fundo do mar, que se torna ainda mais poderoso, alem de ser encantado por uma Feitiçaria Antiga e Realizada pelo REI DAS PROFUNDEZAS. Feito por: Phorome. Classe: patrulheiro. Nivel: 28 Servidor: BR- TOURMALINE.
  7. Buudbd

    Buudbd vs!

    Test Serv Halloween #1 (Warspear Online)
  8. Hi guys i just got an idea how to make warspear online larger on pc and i wanna share it with you! be sure to leave a like and subscribe bro!
  9. From what I have seen hunter seems better than ranger it has a reliable stun, combat stance or is it just like a ranger?
  10. So in your opinion what do you think is the best char build for a dk? any help appreciated :)
  11. аккаунт новый, чтобы логин не светить)) условия конкурса все учел) надеюсь получить приз)) удачи всем участникам конкурса))
  12. Hello Warspear community. Im creating this topic hoping someone can tell/announce when is the "100% more Miracle Coins via Google Play purchases" promo coming. I really need to buy some huge ammount of MC's and I don't want to miss this promo. Thanks and take care, Praytowin
  13. Воитель Святых История костюма: После появления Аринара, бог Харад создал духа Воителя Святых. Он был послан охранять святыню. Его одеяние создано из эктоплазмы, с защитной эктоплазматической оболочкой. Благодаря этой оболочке, он неуязвим и невероятно силен! Сам костюм состоит из святого массивного доспеха, со спектральным плащем. Этот святой воин способен телепортироваться по полю боя, внезапно поражая противника. В настоящее время Воитель Святых странствует по миру Аринара, пока его армия Святых Архангелов защищает святыню от многих нечестей. Костюм универсальный для всех классов.
  14. Hope you guys enjoyed it Subscribe to my youtube if you want more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqRZYZp_WxbAwqBf6PpyCMg
  15. So. I read that Kreml accepted an anti-terorism law that would enable the government to fully overwatch all its citizens' call log, internet history, personal data, statistics, etc. Plus, internet providers and phone providers would be forced to store every data for years. At first sight it doesn't seem too bad, since US government does these for eg., however, the costs to implement this law rises to the sky. To store the data of all people of Russia requires an incredible amount of space, which can be obtained via huge server updates. To cover the costs, all net related stuff is going to become more expensive. Much much more. I ask: since Aigrind is aRussian company, will this or would this in any way affect Warspear Online? Sorry for the typos.
  16. I will just start with a video now : Killing pontificies boss Solo without minion and hp pots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRdRQIvTME4 This is my first video so there is a little problem at start of video but generally its good. New tactics will be posted in this post ...
  17. Here you can write all the bugs, glitches, problems or suggestions you have in connection with 5.6.0; Wickedora's return, the newest update of Warspear Online. I would start with highlighting that you guys made an awesome and outstanding job with the design of the event. I like the heart-shaped island, the peaceful, happy houses and people, the quests and so on. People may say this is the worst event ever, but I am quite satisfied with it. One thing that I agree with most of the players, that these solo dungeons don't really work the way they are. First, this is the celebration of love. Do solo dungeons fit this? No! I think duo dungeons would be much cooler. Is it possible to... change this? I strongly believe it dungeons shouldn't be money eating places, where you spend your money for healing potions and in the end you get a [sphere of Defence Enchancement]. However, at the moment, if you are not a healer class, you're pretty much in this situation. No time border makes it possible to eliminate all mobs slowly. But, the boss at the end of the dungeon is the creep herself. In level 26 dungeon she deals 303 damage to me, though I have 3200 magical defence. Is that okay? Hell no! As a barbarian I have a long cooldown weak healing skill, but that's.. well, nothing. I suggest you to decrease the damage dealt by the boss in the dungeon. Anyways, good job bros, keep it up! Feel free to post your opinion, too!
  18. Just watch my video , I opened 20x raven chest consecutive , and the result in my video...
  19. Well whos that? I dont mean that she looks different now, but generally who is this?
  20. REGINOROK ORIGIN Long before war of 4 factions dominated the continent of WARSPEAR , the entities Nuadu ,Harad and Garahan divided the continent but still there were some areas where even garahan feared to enter.The hilloids were foremost amongst these and built up a small empires in between the empire of two entities(nuadu and harad). They created the troll and elemental monsters through careful usage of magic and energy from the sun.This way they also created lake monster and genie. The hilloids eventually fell from power due to increase in the use of teritorry by Nuada and Garahan.Of the fragmented world the hilloids had worshipped the enitiy knows as THE ORIN , but as the conflicts continued the empire s of hilloids diminished. As the Hilloids power became less visible on Warspear, and they started to travel throughout to avoid conflicts and started to form small society through their organisations and long-sighted plots,Their entity had sunk into the ocean who got defeated by Garahan Himself ,and was ignored by others. Eventually, around the time of the collapse of the humans and undeads of WARSPEAR, the Entity was revived and gained new appearance and new power came into being, who led the trolls and elemental into reclaiming the empire of WARSPEAR and became their primary deity. In the end, through combined efforts of elfs , undeads , and their entities joined together to defeat their common foe. The conflicts lasts for about 4 years and in the end the humanoid entity THE REGINOROK was captured and imprisoned in the deep caves of Berenger . At this point some cursed warriors and undeads , long suffering a heavy war on other planes or sunken in hibernation in their ruins, began to return in heavy numbers and this caused tension between the Nuada and Harad.Soon undeads and warriors started to re-establish the terittories.So for aid in their endeavors some of the Nuada and Harad made a bargain with REGINOROK, that put Garahan into a deeper insomnia and this allowed Elfs and Humans to re-establish their lands and Trolls and Elementals are royality to govern the dungeons and caves.Even after the freedom REGINOROK still resides in the chamber of animated armor where no one dares to challenge him and hoping to control the entire WARSPEAR. AIM To Rise back To Power To control the entire continent POWERS Earthquake : Damages the area of the victim making them to step backwards. Force Slash : Slashes and makes the enemy bleed for 5 seconds. Mudguard : Creates a layer of mud thereby reducing the damage taken and it lasts for 15 secs. BOSS BACKGROUND He resides in the chamber of Animated Armor. He is surrounded by the golems and elementals. He is the master of the all elementals. His body is made of rock and minerals so he has high resistance toward magic damage. He is wrapped in a hood. BOSS DROPS Sphere Of Defence II Sphere Of Damage II Special Amulets , Rings or even Skins. Map : Irselnort Location :In cave near animated armor Attack : Melee Minions :Golems ATTACK SPECIFICATION HP : 3.5m Energy : 1000 Energy Regeneration : 100 Base Damage : 500 He does not use any extra weapons since his entire body is his WEAPON. His damages are based of physical power and his skill damages are based on magic BOSS BEHAVIOR When the players starts attacking REGINOROK , he uses force slash to cause damages to the front opponent and the he lays about series of common melee damage and after 8 seconds he unleashes earthquake to trap all the opponents in front and behind him and while under the the trap the dodge chance of opponents are low so in other words REGINOROK attacks with full accuracy....after reducing his hit points to about 50 percentage he starts to use mud guard after 8 seconds skill gap from force slash and after 10 seconds he use earthquake. So to defeat this boss the party should consist of ranged attackers and healers........
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