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  1. When will the result be released? Or will the contest be extended again?
  2. Good morning everyone, when will the result of the contest come out?
  3. I already posted my video and sent it to the email, as it says in the requirements, how will I know if my video is already competing, aigrind support will answer my email? Telling if my video is in the correct rules to participate? I sent the night now to the email
  4. Can I use one of the scenes from the original warspear trailer in my video?
  5. kkk Obrigado Brother,mas sim concordo contigo em um Dk ficaria da hora.. se ele for aplicado no game,eu vou comprar 1 e sortear lá no canal.. XD
  6. Do not care what he says, year behind the 'winner', copied a costume of the crow that already existed and redecorated the rocho and even so was the winner .. As the forum's own Adm have already seen his vizual and do not complain, so do not care what Hater is talking about. He does not understand, which means '' Female version. ''🙏
  7. I just made a change in my outfit and I made it cooler, I wanted to know the opinion of you guys who looked at it before. Acabei de fazer uma alteração no meu traje e deixei ele mais legal, queria saber a opinião de vocês que olharam ele antes . Good luck to all attendees and Thanks for the attention, it gave a lot of work and effort to do. Boa sorte a todos os participantes e Obrigado pela atenção, deu muito trabalho e esforço para fazer. 😃🙏🎮
  8. Please forum administrators, let me know if the costume size is right? If the costume can be added to the game with this size ... Thanks for the attention
  9. 🎮Good morning, I present to you my costume: Defender of Kronus.🎮 My name is Thomas and I play on the server Br-Tourmaline, although I have several cool costumes on the Warspear, I had the idea to do this, because I like several players, they like red and black suits. This is my second attempt to participate in this contest, in the past year I tried but the costume I had made, it was not possible to put on the game, so this time I ask the help of everyone who likes my costume, it took me a long time to have an idea, to construct and to leave well detailed his armor; The Suit is made of a Armature bathed in fire, it does not have a definite face, it is that neither the costume of the Headache Executor; I thought of the name: Defender of Kronus, why? 😬👻 -Because, it's one of the most beautiful costumes of the game, in my opinion and it would be an honor that my outfit could have the name of this Boss so powerful. 😬👻 🧛‍♂️ I wanted to hear your opinion, Arinar warriors, if you liked the costume and if you had the chance if you would want to have a costume like this, it's just a question not about competition about the contest, but for me to know whether my work was well done or not.🧛‍♂️ My name in game: 👀 NICK: KINGTHOMAS SERVER: BR-TOURMALINE WARDEN LEVEL: 28👀
  10. Sou um youtuber de Warspear,gosto muito de gravar com a galera da guild e se divertir utilizando o Discord,enquanto jogamos..aqui esta um link de um de meus vídeos.. Channel: KINGTHOMAS GAMEPLAY
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