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  1. This is quite good I think you this build will allow to exceed in pve and might even do alright in pvp who knows? I will create seeker to test this.
  2. I think for lower levels if they wanted to solo they should do this build 1/5ball 5/5 heal 1/5 earth protection(low level never have much def)3/5 lightning blast 3/5 earthquake. or put five on lightning blast this for lvl 14 shaman.
  3. Well this is because the rich pala could afford to amp. 1h mace and shield + ferocity + high amp + physical damage + tank = pvp paladin this playstyle is only for rich people, because they could afford to amp there mace. Hopefully this makes sense :)
  4. Kilo

    Skill builds

    eh you can do 3/5 time warp 5/5 shattered stone 5/5 sun armor
  5. From what I have seen hunter seems better than ranger it has a reliable stun, combat stance or is it just like a ranger?
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